Russia to fine percentage on the annual turnover of Google and Meta, filed court case

Moscow: Moscow court said, Russia’s state communications regulator Roskomnadzor filed a case against U.S Tech Giant Google & Meta (Facebook) which will enable Russia to collect a fine on the company’s annual turnover.

‘The content that Moscow considers illegal should be deleted from on Google and social media platform’ threatened Roskomnadzor to Google and Meta. For continuous policy violation, Russia will fine with the percentage of the annual turnover of Google and Meta.

Russian law allows the government to fine between 5% to 10% to companies for their repeated violations. Google paid more than 32 million roublesĀ as fines this year.

Both Google and Meta have not responded yet on the court dates to filed cases, says Moscow’s Tagansky District Court.

Russia is increasing pressure on foreign tech companies to get control over most of it’s countries Internet. They slowed down Twitter since March and continuously fining others for content violations.