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Who is Amanda Hubble? A Clovis High School teacher that arrested

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Amanda Hubble was arrested on two counts of Unlawful Intercourse and one count of Oral Copulation with a minor. In addition, she has been an employee at the Clovis Unified School District since August of 2016. According to Clovis Unified School District’s application, Hubble has a master of arts degree in Religion from the University of Southern California.

According to the Office of the Recorder and Information Systems, Hubble was arrested on two counts of Unlawful Intercourse and one count of Oral Copulation with a minor. Hubble will be required to attend all classes in Clovis High School, Classroom A/B this school year due to her arrest.

Clovis High School officials stated that they were not able to enlist the help of their Districts. As a result, schools in Clovis Unified and Hanford Unified will be without teachers this school year as well as student volunteers. Additionally, parents have been notified that students will no longer be allowed access to the football field.

Amanda Hubble was working since 2016 and over 5 years she had been employed in Clovis High School. She was a little sexual indulged and previously she had been doing the same for the same. Previously she had a warning from her District and an officer from the sheriff’s office. However, she was able to keep up with all of the district regulations for sexual misconduct.

Amanda Hubble is qualified for a job in a position within the PTA after being recommended by her father also in 2016. It has been very upsetting to the parents of the students that her father reported her to school officials. His recommendation was found by police.

Amanda hubble Clovis High School teacher that arrested

Those speaking out against Hubble say she put herself in danger, they feel that it is a criminal act and that she should not be allowed to work in Clovis High School because she has proven to be a threat to the students here.

It is going to be another very stressful year this school year where many parents are not able to keep their kids in schools because of one thing, that it would have been taken away had she been allowed at our school because of what she has done.

She was graduate in music after that started working as a teacher at Clovis High School. While at the school she was promoted and began working as a teacher in an elementary school. She is also an administrator in her Classroom. It does not make sense to believe that a child could be put into such danger for having s*x with their own teacher.

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