Wikipedia’s Very first edit is being auctioned as NFT

Wikipedia’s co-founder Jimmy Wales is all set to auction NFT (Non-Fungible-Token) of the very first edit made on the Wikipedia site.

On January 15, 2021, Wales launched Wikipedia and typed, “Hello, World” which became the first-ever edit on Wikipedia. Now, this moment will be sold in form of NFT.

An NFT is a piece of computerized content connected to the blockchain, the advanced data set supporting digital forms of money, for example, bitcoin and ethereum.

Digital Works of art is transformed into one of a kind of verifiable assets that are traded on the blockchain. It has seen a huge spike in the art world.

Now, collectors have a chance to get first-ever entry on this giant informational website which is also a free source of information and one of the world’s topmost visited websites.

That first-ever code is a part of NFT which is being auctioned online until December 15. Also, strawberry iMac Wales is a part of the auction sale which was used at that time. It is currently betting and someone is willing to 2400$ at this moment. But, it will be auctioned till the 15th of December and the price is likely to reach 5 digit figure. You can check it at

Buyers of that NFT will be able to rewrite the page however they want, as well as revert to its original form.

Wales says, “to express artistically what I think was meaningful about that moment of potential and excitement — that you might make something amazing, or you might make something that doesn’t work at all. And I hope people respond to that, to really think back: this isn’t the mature Wikipedia, this was Jimmy’s crazy idea on a funny January morning, which I think is kind of spectacular to think about.”

Money from NFT sales will support  WT. Social, Wales’ alternative social media project, as well as various charity firms.

“It is a testament to the power of what crowd-sourcing can achieve: allowing billions of people access to a vast trove of information — and all of it free of charge,” Peter Klarnet, Christie’s senior specialist for Americana, books and manuscripts, said in the statement.

“As frequent users of Wikipedia in the course of our own work we are honoured to have been entrusted with two objects associated with the birth of this transformative achievement.”