Warzone Pacific not working properly after the update, fixed

If you are facing a problem while playing call of duty after the Warzone Pacific update, then you are in right place to fix your issues.  Warzone Pacific was released on 1st December 2021 many players facing issues after Warzone Pacific updates and searching ‘Warzone Pacific not working properly after update’. Not only the PlayStation player but the Xbox player also searching for Warzone not working in Xbox.

Warzone Pacific is a new map for the game. The update has been described as “a major overhaul” by many fans due to the removal of the “Warframe” from Warzone Pacific’s name and a new map, as well as improvements to gameplay.

The update has been received positively by many players due to its changes in both visuals and mechanics for all weapons (including unique ones). The most notable change is that it removes the ability for players to use the Warframe’s special abilities.

The Warzone Pacific update was released on December 1, 2021, is live with dozens of new weapons, numerous balance updates, the beginning of the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat™ kernel driver rollout on PC, and an island full of new content.

How to fix Warzone Pacific not working properly after the update

warzone pacific not working

There are lot more new updates but if you face a problem in the following section then the following action can be taken….

Warzone Pacific not working in the following section then take the following action. 

The Air Traffic Control Tower is a new structure that can be found in the southwest region of Caldera. It’s located on top of an old building, and it has been given some extra health to make sure you don’t get hit by enemy aircraft while controlling this tower.

  • Here some glitches can be found but by reinstalling the graphic driver problem can be solved but the warzone not working on Xbox then Reinstalling the entire game can solve the problem. 

The tower is a great spot for building up your Loadout, as it’s very easy to get into the air and fly around in circles. Here different user faces different problem usually restarting the game can solve the problem but angina reinstall the graphic driver and the Xbox user reinstalls the game.

This area of the world features several large plains, with a few small towns and villages dotting the landscape. The map is fairly large, but it’s not too big to get lost in; you can easily find your way around by following landmarks like rivers or hills that are dotted about on this expansive world of ours.

  • In this section, only restart can solve the glitch.

This area also features several new weapons, vehicles, and other items that are available to players who have purchased the game. While selecting a weapon Xbox users can find problems at the first time only after restarting the game problem will have gone.

The Great Plains is a map with many different areas of interest; it’s not too big or small for you to get lost in if you don’t know where your next objective might be located. It’s a map that is perfect for those who like to explore and find new things, as well.  

  • If a glitch is found in the section, then by solving another issue it will go automatically but the graphic driver may need to update according to requirement.

The first is a “Towering Structure” that can be found Downtown — it looks like an old building with two floors of windows on each side (the top floor has some kind of roof). It will only appear if you’re in a team that has the “Tower” ability, and it will only appear if you have at least one teammate with this skill.

  • Some Xbox and as well as PlayStation users can also face this problem. Please check your graphic card if it is properly working or not?

The second is an area of Downtown called The Alleyway — there are two entrances to this alleyway: from West Street or East Avenue (the latter is a dead-end). The Alleyway can be used to hide in, but it’s also where the “Towering Structure” will appear.

The third new feature is an area called Downtown Plaza — this one looks like a small plaza with some kind of building on its south side. It’s a great spot for hiding in, but it can also be used to pick up some cash and other items.

The fourth new feature is the “Towering Structure” — this one looks like an old building with two floors of windows on each side (the top floor has some kind of roof). It will only appear if you’re in a team that has the “Tower” ability, and it will only appear if you have at least one teammate with this skill.

  • Pc gamers, PlayStation players and Xbox users can find a glitch but it only appears for the first time only. (the solutions for the above Three-section only which literally means second, third, and fourth section.)

The new “Tunnel” feature allows your squad to move through a series of underground tunnels, which can be used as shortcuts and cover from enemy fire or for quick access into areas not otherwise accessible by foot.

  • Solutions for the problem for all users is to restart the game or your graphic requirement might need to upgrade.

Those are the most common glitches that can be found after Warzone Pacific. But if you are not able to open your game at all then either reinstall the game or reinstall the graphic driver. If it still now working, then your graphic card is not compatible. You need to upgrade your graphic card.