Fact Check: Is Western Railway Local Train in Mumbai giving announcements in Gujarati?

The current viral video on social media about Western Railway of Mumbai giving an announcement in the Gujarati language along with station name in the Gujarati language. A lot of people expressed their anger towards the Western Railway of Mumbai.

The fact behind Mumbai’s Local Train announcements in the Gujarati language

mumbai local train gujarati language announcement

The Western Local Railway Train was showing an announcement of the next station Vaitarna in Gujarati. Also, the name of the station was also written in Gujarati along with other announcements on LED. Because it was not Mumbai Local train, it was a MEMU train that runs between Gujarat and Mumbai. MEMU train is basically a train that connects two small distance routes in India

The train is managed by BRC (Baroda Railway Junction) of Gujarat, so the programmed language of that train is already in Gujarati.

Many people were misguided by that viral video because of misleading titles. A lot of social media handles shared it as saying that, ‘Mumbai Local Train are using the Gujarati language in Maharashtra’s train which is unacceptable, and we boycott it’. But, it was not fact.

Viral Video Link