Here Ashneer Grover Bharat Pe Co-Founder Leaked Audio with Kotak Mahindra bank Employe

Asheer Grover the co-founder of the Bharat Pe app is in controversy and Twitteraits started the trend #BoycottBharatPe after his viral audio clip leaked online. The leaked audio clip is a conversation between Bharat Pe Co-Founder Ashneer Grover, his wife and Kotak Mahindra Bank Employee.

You can get the Original Audio Clip in this article.

Is the leaked audio tape of Bharat Pe Co-Founder Ashneer Grover is real ?

The leaked audio tape is real which is confirmed by Kotak Mahindra Bank itself. Ashneer Grover said that it is fake, but that’s not true. It is the call between Ashneer Grover with his bank associate from Kotak Mahindra Bank. he abused him and also threatened him to kill as ban couldn’t manage to but allotment of shares which he wanted. Along with Ashneer, his wife also had a talk with an employee who was quite polite on call than Ashneer.

The Original leaked audio tape

Directly at 1:25min, the leaked audio will start whcih is conversation between Ashneer and bank employee

What conversation Ashneer Grover had with Kotak Bank employee on call ?

Ashneer Grover was angry on call as Kotak Mahindra Bank couldn’t manage to buy NYKAA IPO shares worth Rs 500 Crore on listings day. Ashneer had appointed Kotak Mahindra Bank to buy NYKAA Shares on listings day. If he had bought those shares of worth Rs 500 Crore, it’s value would be around 900 Crore as NYKAA gave 78% return from its listings day.

Seeing this as a huge loss, Ashneer lost his mind and abused Bank employee on call for not managing his work.

Why did Kotak Mahindra send legal notice to Ashneer Grover?

Ashneer Grover threatened the bank employee that he might be encountered and killed by him. Also, abused him on call. Kotak Bank didn’t accept the behavior and sent a legal notice to him for not behaving appropriately during the call.