Choreographer Dahlston Delgado Wiki, Age, Family, Girlfriend

Cheer Season 2 started streaming on Netflix on January 12, 2022. The viewers of the Cheer Season 2 show are curious about the choreographer Dahlston Delgado. The article will briefly inform about all the available information out there

Who is Dahlston Delgado ?

Dahlston Delgado is a choregrapher whose hometown is Belton TX. He has been on the journey of choregraphy since he was 16. He is getting recognition as he is the choreographer of Navarro in Cheer Season 2.

He managed to complete his graduation in 2007 from Belton High School

He is very good at the choreography job that he managed to achieve a lot of national and world titles, awards cheering for Spirit of Texas.

On Initial days, he choreographed for a lot of high schools and elite cheer programs across the United States. To explore his passion for choreography, he moved to Dallas in 2008. He learned advanced choreography and also started taking new clients and used to train them.

Brad Vaughan is assisted by Dahlson Delgado when Trinity Valley was not there in first place.

He also performed in the Broadway version of Brint It on The Musical. He managed 75-85 routines per year in his intial choreography days.

His consistent efforts in the choreography field gave him the platform of Broadway and now Cheer Season 2, which is inspiring for many newcomers.

Dahlston Delgado Age

Its actual age and birthdate are still not confirmed yet. But, looking at him, it looks like he is in his early 30’s.

He started choreography when he was 16 and had had his first job outside the gym at East Texas All-Stars when he was just 17.

His first impression with choreography was in 7th grade when he started cheerleading which he continued till his junior year at Belton High School. After a year, his parents agreed to his passion. That’s when he started traveling to Dallas around 3 times a week to compete against a top team at Spirit of Texas.

After a couple of years, he started working as a coach and choreographer. Dahlston gave his success credit to his mom as she was big supporter in intial days.

Dahlston Delgado Family

dahlston delgado family wiki age networth girlfriend
In Pic : Dahlston with his mother and brother Drew Bug

Dahlson Delgado has his mom, younger brother, and sister in family. His mother’s name is Dawn Delgado, his brother’s name is said to be drew bug. And, his sister’s name is Maddison Delgado. His father’s detail is not known yet. But, a person name George is the one who helped her in their initial days. So, he called him papa. Dahlston keeps posting photos with his sister’s son who is his nephew on Insta feed. He is really blessed to have a nephew.

Dahlston Delgado Girlfriends, Wife or any Relationship

It is not confirmed whether Dahlston Delgado is in a relationship or not. He is unmarried and a lot of people get confused with him while seeing his pictures with babies on Insta Feed. But, they are his nephews and not kids.

Dahlston Delgado Instagram

Dahlston has 8648 followers and now it’s increasing after his presence in Cheer Season 2. To access his Insta profile, you can click here.