JID – Surround Sound Lyrics

[Part I]

[Intro: Aretha Franklin]
I know I can’t afford to stop for one moment
That it’s too soon, to for

[Chorus: JID]
Push the fucking pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get the scrap if it happen to blow, it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap, push it back and go to town down
Putting rap on my back and I’m black and snatching crowns

[Verse 1: JID]
I done came back around like a nigga selling crack in pounds
I got a bag now but it’s nothing to brag ’bout
Gun blast in the background, I’m a black man with the blood hounds
Mac 10 making love sounds, to a bad chick, she from uptown, I’m from down south, not a loudmouth, we can fuck around (Woah, shit, woah)
Hit the music, baby, cut it down (Woah, shit, woah)
Hit a doobie while you do me indubitably, I feel like I’ma bust now (Woah, woah, shit, woah)
I feel like a bust down when I shine bright, blind niggas is up now (Woah, shit, woah, shit)
In the cut, big black truck, pack sacked up, you can pick it up now, nigga, fuck it, okay (Ayy)

[Chorus: JID]
Push the fucking pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get the scrap if it happen to blow, it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap, push it back and go to town down
Putting rap on my back and I’m black and snatching crowns

[Sample: Aretha Franklin]
I know I can’t afford to stop for one moment
That it’s too soon, to for-

[Verse 2: 21 Savage]
Me and my money attached emotionally
I get to clutching if you get too close to me
I’m at the top where I’m posed to be
Jumped in the game, niggas act like they coaching me
Four hundred racks ain’t shit but a show to me
I’m on the road and I bet that your ho with me
When I’m in traffic it’s always a pole wit’ me
Pillsbury man, I keep dough with me
Hit from the back, she giving me slurp and I ain’t even pull my pants down
Jump in the box and slide to the other side, it’s always a man down
Drive down, hands in the air, nigga make one move, get gunned down
Giving out smoke so long they don’t even wanna talk no more, it just run out
No locked doors, I serve with a chop
Bitch got spent, she was hanging with an opp
We call him Mickey, he talk to the cops
I was on panda, glass in the sock
Back in the day, I invest in the block
Fast forward, now I’m investing in stocks
I put a drum on the Heckler and Koch
Don’t play ’cause I’m very invested in shots

[Chorus: JID]
Push the fucking pack off of the porch or break a pound down
Get the scrap if it happen to blow, it make surround sounds
Pussycat on my lap, push it back and go to town down
Putting rap on my back and I’m black and snatching crowns

[Bridge: Baby Tate]
Pu-Pu-Pussy cat in his face ’cause he stay off Cheshire Bridge
And I took it bad, now he sayin’ he shakin’ and he shiverin’
Like the way it taste and he ain’t ate it in a minute
They call me Yung Baby, but I still got hella—

[Part II]

[Intro: JID]
Talk shit, run that motherfuckin’ crown, you bitch
You motherfuckin’ bitch
Uh, shit (Hehehaha)

[Verse: JID]
Sorry in advance for my bros
They’ll whip a nigga ass, what you whippin’ up? (Woah)
JID in the bag, if you lookin’ for that dope
Niggas got it in the bag ’cause we trappin’ on the low
And I’m the shit with the flow
Give me a joke, heard the nigga say you the next? No, no, no
I’m the best, tell them bitches stop the motherfuckin’ press
Press stop, fuck a top five list
Get in they vest, he get lopsided
Fuck the cops, we was runnin’ from Rottweilers
Must of my partners ain’t have papas, just a pop condom
Couple kids with Alzheimers, forty on his side
Boy you Mike Alstott, he on the block violent
Robbin’ niggas in the hood and then swap genres
Green light, line a nigga up, stop sign him
Keep drivin’, you will not find him
I’m a, I’m a, I’m an anomaly, I turned into rap ironically
And ran the backup back up, niggas is onto me
Niggas should honor me
If you think that I’m a wannabe it’s pretty comedy
I’m melancholy and cool, so calmly bustin’ moves
My truths carry velocity
Same posse since OshKosh B’gosh pussy clart
Treat the rap like I’m pushin’ rock
On the stove with the Pyrex pot
The dope stay locked, it don’t say knock
We on they block, we on they block
It’s monopoly games we stole they properties
Smooth talkin’ and moonwalkin’
Insane lil’ nigga small pump with a pool shaw
Got aim, big stick, knock chalk off cue balls, bang this shit


JID Biography – Wiki
Brought into the world in East Atlanta “Destin Choice Route” better known by his stage name “JID” is an American rapper, vocalist and lyricist. JID is endorsed to J Cole’s “Dreamville Records”. He is additionally essential for the melodic aggregate Spillage Village, established by EarthGang in 2010, with Hollywood JB, JordxnBryant, and 6lack, among others.

Destin was brought into the world on October 31, 1990, in East Atlanta, Georgia. He is right now 29 years of age starting at 2019. He praises his birthday on October 31. His folks were Carl Louis Route, Jr. furthermore Kathy Jean Route.

jid surround sound lyrics

JID Height
JID gives off an impression of being very tall in height if his photographs, comparative with his environmental elements, are anything to go by. He remains at a normal stature of 5 feet 6 inches, he’s of African-American parentage.

JID Family
JID was conceived Destine Choice Route to guardians Carl Louis Route, Jr. what’s more Kathy Jean Route. He is the most youthful of seven kids and embraced the name “JID” from his grandma who nicknamed him in light of his “Unsteady” conduct. He grew up paying attention to Sly and the Family Stone and Earth, Wind and Fire prior to moving to the 1990s New York hip-bounce scene and rappers like Jay-Z, Nas, and Mobb Deep.

JID College
Predetermine went to Stephenson High School, where he played football as a protective back. He got a grant to play NCAA Division I football at Hampton University, where he redshirted his first year, then, at that point, played two seasons before he was started off the group. J.I.D at last moved in with Doctur Dot and Johnny Venus from EarthGang who he met from his time in Virginia.

JID Rapper
After College, J.I.D reconnected with the hip-jump couple EarthGang (Johnny Venus, Doctur Dot). He was included on the couple’s single “Kick’n It” from the collection The Better Party (2010). They later teamed up on the 2012 melody “Purple Paradise” including Stillz. J.I.D debut mixtape, Route of All Evil, dropped in June 2012. The soung of JID Surround Sound Lyrics is trending.

It was made accessible through computerized download. His second mixtape, Para Tu, showed up in October 2013. The tape was re-delivered in December 2017. J.I.D worked together with Spillage Village on the collections Bears Like This (2014), Bears Like This Too (2015) and Bears Like This Too Much (2016). In 2022, JID Surround Sound Lyrics was his first one.

The last option highlighted creation from J. Cole, Mac Miller and Childish Major among others. J.I.D was included on the ‘Nowadays Tour’ (2014) with Ab-Soul and the ‘Elephant Eyes Tour’ (2015) with Omen. He was likewise highlighted on the ‘Too High To Even think about revolting Tour’ (2016) with Bas.

J.I.D started off 2015 with his presentation EP, DiCaprio. It included visitor appearances from EarthGang, OG Maco, Key! what’s more Jace. The 6-followed EP included tunes like “LeTrow” and “LeHooligangs”. J.I.D endorsed to J. Cole’s Dreamville Records in February 2017. His presentation studio collection, The Never Story, continued in March 2017.

It was delivered by Dreamville, Spillage Village and Interscope Records. The collection topped at #14 on the Heatseaker Albums graph and #197 on the Billboard 200. It was upheld by the single “Never” created by Christo and Childish Major. The authority video for Never has been seen 4+ multiple times on YouTube. They wanted JID Surround Sound Lyrics to sing it.

In 2017, J.I.D filled in as an initial follow up on J. Cole’s 4 Your Eyez Only Tour. Then, he co-featured the ‘Never Had Shit Tour’ close by EarthGang. J.I.D’s first track of 2018 “My Name Is” was delivered on January 25. It currently has 190K+ twists on SoundCloud. J.I.D was 1 of 9 highlighted on the cover XXL’s 2018 Freshman Class. You can also get JID Surround Sound Lyrics. Different individuals incorporate BlocBoy JB, Wifisfuneral, Stefflon Don and Ski Mask the Slump God.

JID Net Worth
J.I.D has an expected total assets of 500,000 dollars starting at 2020. He has amassed this sum from his driving jobs in media outlets.

JID Merch
Notwithstanding music and shows, he sells stock going from socks to shirts. J.I.D’s first vehicle was a 2006 Pontiac G6. He once conveyed pizzas to assist with supporting his music vocation.

JID Dicaprio 2
Dicaprio 2 is the second studio collection by J.I.D. It was facilitated by Dj Drama a delivered on November 26, 2018 by Dreamville records, Interscope records and Spillage Village. The collection fills in as the development to his presentation collection, The Never Story (2017), and a spin-off of his drawn out play DiCaprio (2015). The collection was upheld by two singles: “151 Rum” and “Off Deez” with J. Cole. Go to fnewshub and get JID Surround Sound Lyrics

The collection highlights visitor appearances from 6LACK, ASAP Ferg, BJ the Chicago Kid, Ella Mai, J. Cole, Joey Badass and Method Man. Creation of DiCaprio 2 was taken care of by an assortment of record makers, including Christo, J. Cole, Elite, Nice Rec, Hollywood JB, WondaGurl, Kenny Beats, Skhye Hutch, Ron Gilmore, ChaseTheMoney and the late Mac Miller among others, adding to the collection.

J.I.D said that every melody on the collection feels “like a singular film”, and rapper Mac Miller helped post-produce and orchestrate pretty much every tune on the collection before his awkward passing. J.I.D should fill in as an initial represent Mac Miller on his Swimming Tour, in any case, the visit has since been dropped. J.I.D has likewise said that rapper J. Cole assisted him with chipping away at the narrating for this collection. The collection encountered a few deferrals because of issues with test clearances.

JID Dreamville
East Atlanta rapper J.I.D has endorsed with Dreamville Records, which delivered his authority debut single “Never” in December. Look at the video for “Never” on VEVO. On “Never” J.I.D says: “I composed the melody at a point in my life when I didn’t have anything and when my future appeared to be unsure. All through it all I had my family and incredible individuals around me who permitted m