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Wavy Navy Pooh Death: Who killed him?

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Wavy Navy Pooh ‘s cause of death is said to be the Shooting in Miami. According to some sources, Wavy Navy Pooh was killed in Miami Shooting. But, here’s what happened.

How was Wavy Navy Pooh killed? His actual Death Cause

It’s not officially come out whether Wavy Navy Pooh was killed in Miami Shooting or not. But, many others have claimed that he was shot to death by a group of people in his hometown.

Officially it is confirmed that a person was killed in Southwest Miami shooting. But, the name of Wavy Navy Pooh is not yet declared by police officials. But, he was the one who was brutally killed in this shooting.

7SkyForce HD hovered above police units blocked the intersection of Southwest 152nd Street and 127th Avenue, north of Zoo Miami, just after 6 p.m of Friday.

What exactly happened on the crime scene ?

Police said that the gunman shot at a car that had one adult and 2 child inside the car. The adult is reportedly killed and police are in search of the gunman. But, police are yet to confirm whether the adult died due to a gunshot or accident. The car has bullet holes at the driver’s side and a cover of a yellow tarp. The Lexus car through which gun shot at him fled away in no time. And, now police are looking for it. It is still not known who was inside that Lexus who killed him.

The incident reportedly happened around 5:30 pm.

“An unknown subject in a four-door Lexus, a gray Lexus, approached him from the driver’s side, opened fire and then fled westbound on 152nd Street,” says, Miami-Dade Police detective Alvaro Zabaleta.

wavy navy pooh death killed

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue units reached the scene and declared adult dead. While, they rescued two children, one was 1 year old and another one was 5 years old. Both of them are not injnured.

“On the front seat, there was a 1-year-old child in a car seat that easily could have been struck by gunfire and taken his life,” said Police officer. That kid has a birthday today, says police.

Southwest 152nd Street, from 122nd to 133rd avenues was shut down by police seeing traffic backed up around the crime incident.

Was it Wavy Navy Pooh killed in that incident ?

Officials have not yet confirmed whether he was Navy Wavy pooh or not. But, residents of that area said that the rapper Wavy Navy Pooh shot to death.

Who killed rapper ?

The Lexus car through which gun shot at him fled away in no time. And, now police are looking for it. It is still not known who was inside that Lexus who killed him. Police have not disclosed any more details about the car and person yet. Also, the purpose to kill rapper is not known yet.

Who was Wavy Navy Pooh ?

Wavy Navy Pooh was an American rapper and music artist famous for songs like Money On My Head, Guwop, M.i.a.m.I Murder Is A Major Issue and a lot of others. His Wikipedia information is not yet available. But, he was around 25 years old. He had a net worth of $2 million to $3 million.

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