Why Google showing wrong Marathi Name of Tuna Fish?

The Google search of ‘The Marathi name of Tuna Fish’ is in controversy as people are searching on it after recommendation from meme. But, Google is showing wrong answer to that question. Why Google is showing this kind of answer? Let us know in the article.

What is the Marathi Name of Tuna Fish ?

The actual Marathi name of Tuna Fish is Kupa Masa. Kupa Masa is the word used to call Tuna Fish by Marathis. But, Google started showing wrong answers.

Why Google showing ‘Paani main utarke machi ko puch lavde’ as Tuna Fish answer ?

Google took this featured snippet answer from a forum website. Someone on this forum asked a question that, “What Tuna Fish is called in Marathi?” Some people answered it right as ‘Kupa Masa’.

Tuna fish in marathi

Some other used abusive language to the questionnaire instead of answering it. One user said it as “Paani me utarke machi ko puch lavde”. Google bot took this as an answer and showed featured snippet as ‘Paani mein utarke machi ko puch lavde’ as an answer to the ‘What is Tuna Fish called in Marathi question ?’

This is the mistake from Google’s algorithm of showing wrong answer instead of right ones. This happens in rare cases. But, people are enjoying it as a meme.