Watch James Iannazzo racist Smoothie Video? Is he from Merril Lynch ?

A video went viral from the TikTok platform where a man identified as James Iannazzo threw smoothie on store employees and made racist comments on them. Let us dig dip in to know who is James Iannazzo and his connection with Merrill Lynch.

What is James Iannazzo smoothie controversy

A person named James Iannazzo went to the store and buy a smoothie. But, he didn’t love it and he started yelling at female employees who were working there. At the same time, owner of a store shooted this scenario. As James didn’t like the smoothie, he yelled and also abused those female coworkers. He made racist comments on them. He said with anger, “who made this smoothie”, where a coworker replied, “we don’t know sir”. Then man went angry and call them immigrants and ignorant high school students.

Things went out of hand when James Iannazo threw smoothies at female employee to attack her. Luckily, she didn’t hurt. But, that worker started shouting to call the police.

The video was uploaded by TikTok username @cjjbreezy. The user wrote in the caption, “Raise Awareness. He was saying racist slurs and screaming at m coworker a minute before i started recording. If anyone sees in Fairfield, pls send a message”. The video got 10.9 million views alone on TikTok and went viral on Twitter too in just 13 hours.

Who is James Iannazzo? His connection with Merrill Lynch.

james iannazzo smoothie video racist merrill lynch

James Iannazzo is found as Managing Director at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. He has been actively working there since 1995. He has impressively worked for several clients to increase their wealth portfolios. His main focus is to analyze the wealth structure of the company’s clients. This helps them to minimize their taxes and helps them to plan their money to reinvest in new estate and businesses.

A lot of his retired clients and corporate clients have shown satisfaction with his work. He has helped investors, entrepreneurs, brokers, physicians, lawyers, and many more to manage their wealth.

He has been named amongst Barron’s America’s Top 1200 visitors. He has served 26 years for Merrill Lynch and will serve more as a wealth manager in the company.

Merrill Lynch’s reaction to James Iannazzo ‘s smoothie throwing controversy?

The company Merrill Lynch is yet to respond to James Iannazzo ‘s racial activity. But, a lot of James’s clients have been unpleased with his activity. We’ll update once we receive reaction from Merrill Lynch.

Is James Iannazzo arrested ?

James Iannazzo is arrested under racist assault charges. The news of his arrest was confirmed by the same TikTok user @cjjbreezy who shot the video. She uploaded the next video confirming the James Iannazzo arrest news.