Who was Patricia Moreno ? Intensati founder Obituary and Death cause

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Who was Patricia Moreno?

Patricia Moreno was a founder of Spiritual fitness company Intensati. Her journey towards fitness started when she was 16. She was obsessed with making body in shape and being fit. She was teaching at workout classes at an early adult age. Patricia Moreno has to attend 20 workout classes over a week to teach physical fitness.

Patricia Moreno writes about her early days, “

Since the age of sixteen, I was obsessed with fitness and getting my body in the best shape I could.

I was teaching up to twenty workout classes a week, and going full out in each class.

Some say I was inspiring, but what I came to realize is that I was terrified.

Terrified of not being worthy of love.

I thought my worth was determined by my weight. But I would later learn that my problem was never a weight problem or a lack of nutritional knowledge.

In fact, my problem was never really about my body. It was about my belief that I had to earn love, be worthy of love, and shape myself into something others would admire, want to be like or look up to.

My problem was that although my physical body had been all weights, shapes, and sizes, never did any of those changes help me see myself differently. I was always at war with myself.

When I found myself at rock bottom, depressed and feeling like I was at a dead end, I knew in that moment that another diet would not make the difference; because it wasn’t a physical problem.

It was a feeling of being spiritually bankrupt.”

Patricia Moreno on her introduction to Spiritual World and born on Intensati

patricia moreno obituary death cause

Patricia moreno used to believe that physical health is all that matters to get succed in life. But, she got introduced to spiritual fitness and onwards she mastered spirituality.

Here what she writes about his introduction to spiritual world, ” In my younger years, all of my focus and attention had been on my physical body and believing that its shape, size, and beauty (or lack thereof) would determine my success, my failure, my ability to be loved and to love. I believed love for myself was determined by the love I received from others.”

She continues,”I left it up to others to determine my value, my worthiness, my success. But life kept trying to show me something new. I decided to shift my focus from trying to reshape the physical body, and instead reshape my relationship to myself. I knew that if I felt this way, that there were millions of others that felt this way as well, so I set out on a mission, not just for me, but for all of us. I began to explore all the ways that I could befriend myself and my body, and experience the feeling of love for my self. I infused the movement I already loved with teachings from yoga, law of attraction, neural science and personal development teachings in order to look at ourselves from a holistic point of view not just like bodies; and spiritual fitness was born—a workout for your body, mind and spirit, which I named intenSati. This became my daily practice, as I began to share it with the world, and teach it for decades.”

Patricia Moreno ‘s Stage 4 Cancer and her persepctive about her diagnosis

Even after being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Patricia Moreno didn’t depress and continued her spiritual perspective. She still practiced gratitude during this tough period which made it easy for her to go through the toughest period of her life.

She writes about her diagnosis,” Now I find myself here nearly twenty years later, being diagnosed with cancer. My second huge wave of awakening. This diagnosis and all that’s come along with it is revealing to me how important it is to focus on reconnecting to the broader part of me and not limiting my view of myself as a physical body. And although many see my situation as a physical problem, I am focusing on a spiritual solution. When I started to look at my problem in 1995 as a spiritual problem—simply a lack of knowing that I am more than my body and that the only love that was ever missing was the love I was not giving to myself from my higher self, I found peace. Not my own conditional love, which was the only love I ever knew, but the unconditional spiritual love.”

Patricia Moreno Cause of Death and Obituary

Patricia Moreno Obituary: She passed away on January 23, 2022, leading to Stage 4 Cancer as her cause of death. She posted a lot of her photos on Insta feed after chemotherapy. One can see her in a bald look because of cancer treatment. Still, it couldn’t possible to save her from cancer. And, Patricia Moreno had to leave cause of cancer.