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Radim Passer, originally from Jihlava, Czechoslovakia, Radim Passer is an internationally renowned businessman, developer, media personality, Internet celebrity, and influencer. In addition, he owns the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron models of high-end automobiles, both of which are very famous after his name nowadays. Because he came to public attention after uploading a video to his YouTube account, he is recorded driving a Bugatti at a speed of 417 kilometers per hour.

Radim Passer Bio

Real NameRadim Passer
Birth Date29th September 1963
Birth PlaceJihlava , Czechoslovakia
Age 58 years
Wife nameBarbora Passerová (from second marriage)
Weight 75 kg
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBald
Shoe size9 US
Birth SignNot known
Ethnicity White
ProfessionBusinessman, Developer, Social Media Influencer.
Children of Radim PasseraSamuel, Benjamin, Timothea, Matteo, Radim Jr.

Radim Passera Career:

Radim Passer is a well-known successful German businessman who belongs from the state of Germany. Radim founded his company, “Passerinvest Group,” in 1991, which is a Czech Funding and Development enterprise that continues to this day. Construction and building structures and complexes are among the goals of the corporation.

Radim has been chiefly affiliated with the BB Centrum in Prague 4 since roughly 1998. Aside from that, Radim is a scream-inducing web character. He first came to public attention on January 9, 2022, when he uploaded a Bugatti riding video to his YouTube page, in which he traveled at a speed of 417 km per hour along one public highway. In response to the video becoming an online craze on YouTube, the German transit agency issued a warning to him.

Radim Passer Education:

According to his official web pages, he was enrolled at The Czech Technical University in Prague to pursue a bachelor’s in civil engineering. According to reports, he did not undergo the complete course and his studies. Instead, he chose to leave school to pursue a job. After leaving his studies, he worked in various sectors for settings, gaining valuable knowledge that he applied to his company.

Radim Passer Wife and Family:

radim passer wife
In Pic: Radim passer and wife Barbora Passerova

According to information, Radim Passer is married, and his wife is Barbora Passerova. Radim and Barbora were married in 2012. Before his marriage to Barbora, he was married to Jana Passerova, with whom he had a 15-year of relation until ending their relationship. 

Despite the fact that Radim and his ex-wife Jana Passerova had been married since 1993,  according to reliable reports, they separated later in 2008. The exact time that they will begin to stay away due to unknown reasons at that time. Radim married Barbora Passerova, his long-term girlfriend who became his partner, in 2012 after they captured the wedding ceremony.

They had an older son named Max Passer, who unfortunately went away due to medical issues. Radim Passer has 5 children, Matteo Passer, Samuel Passer, Timothea Passer, Benjamin Passer, and Radim Passer Jr. Radim Passer has a brother Zbyněk Passer. He is a politician and business by profession. Also, a car racer.

Radim Passera Net Worth:

Radim Passera has an estimated net worth of several billion dollars. He is one of the world’s wealthiest people, ranking 33rd out of the world’s wealthiest individuals. Radim Passer is, in fact, mentioned in Forbes magazine as a successful entrepreneur.

According to one estimate, his net worth on the different platforms is approximately 6.6 billion Czech crowns ( Rs 2,292 crore rupees in the Indian currency). Commenting on Radim’s yearly income is a piece of cake compared to other things. Sein industrial activity is regarded as one of the most valuable and comprehensive city developments in Central Europe, and it employs a large number of people.

Radim Passer Social Media:

Research on Radim Passer Wikipedia Site and Discover information about Radim Passer’s Wikipedia page is currently missing, although his profile is readily obtainable on open sources such as Newsunzip. Radim has a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, which is notable to his profile viewers. In the same manner, his self-titled YouTube channel has 13.7k subscribers.

On the other hand, Radim Passer founded a Christian group called ‘Maranatha,’ which is still active today. To spread Christianity and assist people on their journey to everlasting life, this organization was established in 2002.

Radim has also developed a number of educational institutions, including a kindergarten and elementary institute and the Elijah Christian Secondary School. His other religious beliefs include that he is an Adventist and that he belongs to the Seventh-day Adventist Society of Chuch.

Radim Passer Lifestyle:

With his several sources of money, Radim Passer can maintain an exceedingly luxurious lifestyle. Hesignificant owned a vast and elegant house in his hometown that he built himself. Furthermore, the structure of his company is both visually appealing and unique in structures. He has arranged for a meeting space to be located on the top floor of the building. 

Radim’s annual shopping habits are easy to predict. His undertaking is most certainly one of the most extensive and most widespread metropolitan initiatives in Central Europe.

In addition, he has a collection of the most prominent cars. He is the proud owner of two Bugatti models, the Veyron and the Chiron, both of which are extremely expensive. Bentley, Porsche, Lamborghini, and other luxury brands of cars were among the many collections he had. Radim has many photo albums with his cars on his social media accounts. According to formal records, Radim Passer’s entire assets are estimated to be in the range of 6 billion crowns. His net worth is estimated to be in the range of 8-9 billion crowns roughly.

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