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Miketoks is a TikTok Content creator and he is trending due to his private leaked video on Twitter with his partner.

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Who is Miketoks ?

miketoks twitter video

Miketoks is Tiktoker and has successfully got 9 million followers across social media. His first TikTok video was posted in April 2020. And, to date, his content has reached a massive amount of audience.

His popular videos are where he can be seen teaching Spanish phrases in a comic way to her girlfriend.

Miketoks commends his birthday on the nineteenth of July. He was brought into the world in the year 2002 and is 18 years old in the year 2020. Mike’s tallness just as the weight subtleties are not accessible. However, from his recordings on TikTok and Instagram, he appears to remain at a tall tallness. Additionally, he likewise has an all around assembled constitution and kept up with body.
No subtleties on his total assets sum are known. Nor is his compensation uncovered. Be that as it may, from his way of life, we surmise, he ie acquiring a seriously decent measure of pay.
Talking about his relationship status, he is in a serious relationship. His better half’s name is Morginia. She is additionally a TikTok star and is every now and again seen on Mike’s TikTok.
The TikTok star’s genuine name isn’t known. Nor is there any subtleties found on his folks and family. So we surmise, he is keeping up with security on his family matter.
Miketoks was brought up in the Dominican Republic. So he has the ethnicity of the Dominican Republic. The TikTok star instructive foundation nor scholastics subtleties are known.
Miketoks began his TikTok venture in April 2020 and has collected around 4.5M adherents. In addition, he has acquired 77.3M preferences for him on TikTok. His TikTok recordings are for the most part about teaching on culture and variety. He has around 640k Instagram supporters and 3840 Twitter devotees.

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About Twitter

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The thought advanced, in huge part because of meetings to generate new ideas with Dorsey’s fellow benefactor, Evan Williams.

On March 21, 2006, Jack sent the principal tweet, which read – – “simply setting up my twttr.”

Twitter saw unstable development at the 2007 South By Southwest Interactive meeting, during which in excess of 60,000 tweets were sent. The Twitter group exploited the meeting to start developing their client base.

Twitter started as a SMS-based stage, so the 140 person limit was at first basically a need – – portable transporters forced the breaking point, not Twitter.

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Twitter has become dramatically over the past 10+ years. Its motivation is at last to spread data quick – – while that data isn’t dependably significant (Kim Kardashian’s considerations on cosmetics, for example), it here and there is (like when Iranian dissenters utilized Twitter to collect walks).
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What is Miketoks Twitter Video Controversy ?

Miketoks’ private video got leaked on Twitter. The video was posted by random Twitterait. He can be seen with his girlfriend in that video. Her girlfriend is in a compromising position with him.

Where to access Miketoks Twitter Video ?

Here is the link to that viral video so that you can verify by yourself.

Disclaimer: We are no way promoting any such content. Mentioning link is a part of proof of controversy, so that people could verify it by themselves about the controversy.