Jim Terrell Lattner : Know about Juli Johnson Boyfriend

When Julii L Johnson was slain, Jim Terrell Lattner was dating her. After hearing gunshots early one morning in January 2017, authorities raced to a residence in Warren, Michigan. Johnson had been shot and killed outside the house, and the assailant was still on the loose.

‘Call From the Inside: Jealousy’s Killer Web,’ a documentary on Investigation Discovery, followed the investigators as they unravelled the horrifying murder conspiracy that killed Julii Johnson. It revealed information on call records and data that linked the murders in the case.

In this article, we’ll be learning about Jim terrell Lattner ( Juli Johnson boyfriend) and his personal information. 

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Jim Terrell Lattner: Who is he?

In Warren, Jim Terrell Lattner and his girlfriend Julii L Johnson shared a home. They were dating about a year and a half. He had a criminal record that included narcotics convictions.

She was just about to leave home at 7:30 a.m. on January 13, 2017, when she was murdered. Outside their Warre home, Lattner discovered his girlfriend had been shot. He dialled 911, and officers arrived to find the woman in what seems like a pool of blood beneath her vehicle.

Julii was brought to the hospital and later died as a result of his injuries. She was shot multiple times and suffered a bullet wound as well as multiple wounds to her body.

Jim was detained for interrogation because he was the one who discovered Julii. After hearing gunshots, he claimed to have exited the residence. He noticed a man fleeing the crime site. Terrell Lattner has been eliminated as a suspect.

Jim Terrell Lattner Age

Wikipedia does not have a page for Jim Terrell Lattner. A few Wiki-bio pages on Julii’s ex-boyfriend can be found.

Lattner could be in his early forties. As, there’s no official information about his age.

Julii L Johnson, a 34-year-old lady with a regular employment, was murdered. She was a kind mother with a vivacious personality who had a teenage daughter.

Jim Terrell Lattner- Where is he now?

Jim Terrell Lattner’s current whereabouts is unknown. For months, he had been mourning the death of his girlfriend.

Jim’s phone records pointed to Marcie Griffin, his ex-girlfriend as well as the mother of his two children, as a possible suspect. According to The Cinemaholic, the murder was motivated by Griffin’s envy of Lattner’s friendship with Johnson. Marcie Griffin, Lattner’s baby mom, is the main offender.

Jim Terrell Lattner Net Worth

Lattner only filed one tax return between 2013 and 2015. According to the government, he claimed to have $6,440 in assets, with $656 in income received in 2013.

It’s unclear whether Lattner intends to contest the forfeiture proceedings

Federal Government found $500,000 in Jim’s home

According to the federal administration, drug money was found all over the place.

According to forfeiture records filed in federal court on Monday, Oct. 16, investigators discovered massive stacks of $100 bills bound together by elastic bands, reaching $533,252.

The majority of it was discovered at a Warren residence occupied by Jim Terrell Lattner after his girlfriend, Julii Larrie Johnson of age, 34, of Oak Park, was shot and died outside the house on Jan. 13, 2017.

When the officers arrived, Lattner “was uncooperative, shouted at the investigators, and declined to accompany policemen to the Warren Police Department,” according to the court document.

He was convicted of cocaine and heroin possession with aim to distribute in 1997 and 2003, respectively. According to online Michigan Department of Corrections records, he served nearly six years in prison for the 2003 conviction and was placed on life probation.

There was even more. According to federal authorities, detectives returned on Jan. 14 to examine Lattner’s white 2016 Ford F-150 pickup truck, which was registered to Lattner’s mother, who lives in Detroit. Hidden compartments were discovered in the cockpit, where airbags are normally mounted, according to Warren police.

Over $12,000 in banknotes, a bag of marijuana, two cellphones, and a 9-millimeter Ruger with a “obliterated” serial number were discovered by police.

The bottom line

Julii L Johnson was Jim Terrell Lattner girlfriend who died in early morning of January 2017. Later during investigation, the policemen found a lots of cash and drugs in his apartment. 

According to online Michigan Department of Corrections records, he was nearly six years in prison for the 2003 conviction and was placed on life probation. I hope you find the article helpful and will appreciate our hard work.