Madita Van Hülsen Wiki, Age, Husband, Net Worth

Madita van Hülsen  has a long list of credits as a TV personality to her name. Point 12 – “Exclusive” – “Battle of Letters” – “Rent, Buy, Live” Madita van Hülsen is a household name for anybody who tunes in to a private radio broadcast. However, she could also deal with life’s more severe challenges.

Origin And Career : Madita Van Hülsen  Was A Child Model

Hearing her name fills up with the images of Dutch heritage, yet this couldn’t be farther from the truth. She was born in the year 1981. Hamburg was home to Madita van Hülsen ‘s childhood. She mentioned that she first appeared in front of the camera when she was a child. Modeling for the Otto collection, she posed for the photographer. 

Madita van Hülsen  first spent six months in New York after high school before moving to Hamburg to pursue a degree in communications at the University of Hamburg. She has learned all there is to know about her topic from the ground up.

She gained her first moderation experience in television programs and as a weather announcer for radio stations like Radio Hamburg alongside John Ment. Guest moderating at Alsterradio, Hamburg 1, and collaboration with numerous television stations and production firms followed.

Does Madita Van Hülsen ‘s Organisation Assist Deprived People?

Madita van Hülsen  and business partner Anemone Zeim operate a service that aims to help the mourning process of deprived people. In “Never forget me – grief communication and remembering,” those who have lost a loved one may convert their memories of the deceased into art. Both ladies have experienced the grief of losing a loved one and know that it may help shape one’s character. 

“K1 Magazin” Moderator Madita Van Hülsen 

Once she had some experience working for public broadcasters like ProSieben and Kabel Eins as a weather spokesperson, she went on to start her radio program called “Remmi Demmi” and produce the magazine “Ideal! Interview Magazin.” 

When competing in a culinary competition, she used the Thermomix on the “Kabel 1” station with chef Steffen Ziemann to prove its adaptability. Besides “Quiz mit Biss,” she and Sebastian Lege conduct food-related quizzes on the show. The moderating of these shows was one way she persuaded Kabel Eins to trust her with the weekly program “K1 Magazin.”

Remmi Demmi Show was formed in January 2010 by Dirk Hartkopf and Frank Zimmermann. Two of her colleagues at Radio ZuSa, and aired live from Lüneburg till the end of 2010. She had a program called Madita-TV on Hamburg’s TIDE TV from the beginning of 2011 till the end of 2015. The Remmi Demmi Show, hosted by her and colleague Theresa von Tiedemann on TIDE 96.0, has been running since November 2011. 

There are 64 pages of portraits of media figures who share their stories and experiences in the industry, as well as images that provide a glimpse into their personal life. The inaugural edition was released on September 19th.

Madita van Hülsen family

madita van Hülsen husband

Madita van Hülsen  seems to be content in private. She and her husband have been married since 2020. She and her husband, Björn Cloppenburg, were in a state of ecstasy during her sixth month of pregnancy, she disclosed on Instagram. After a successful birth in March 2021, her son Tjorven was named after him. 

She also announced on her Instagram account, which she regularly utilizes to provide more intimate glimpses into her life and relationships. On Facebook, professional news is more likely to be shared. At the same time, her husband stays back and goes out in public without her. In any case, she’s keeping a tight lid on the details of their romance. On the podcast “4 Paws, 2 Legs and 1000 Questions,” she discusses life with her dog with Kate Kitchenham.


She attended the Emil von Behring High School from 1991 to 1995 and then the Stormarn School in Ahrensburg, where she received her Abitur (high school diploma) in 2000 after completing her primary education in Großhansdorf. In 2003, she graduated from the Hamburg Communications Academy after spending six months in New York. 

After switching from advertising to the local media landscape, she worked as a marketing manager in the music industry for many years.

The Bottom Line

To summarize everything, I can say that Madita Van Hülsen  leads a happy and cheerful life. She is not only a celebrity but also proved her worth in changing the lives of deprived people. I hope this article brings some value people are seeking.