Ncaa Youngboy Dead : Who was NBA Youngboy look alike Ncaa Youngboy ?

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The TikToker Ncaa Youngboy who was famed as NBA Youngboy look like found dead in union Springs of Alabama. Know more in detail about the controversy.

Who was Ncaa Youngboy?

ncaa youngboy nba youngboy dead

NCAA Youngboy is also known as Lil PNut was a TikToker who became famous online from his lip sync videos. He is famed for a look like of rapper NBA Youngboy. He was found dormant inside the forest of his old neighborhood in Union Springs, Alabama. Allegedly, he was shot and killed sooner than they found him on early Saturday morning, twenty 10th January 2022. More details is yet to be revealed by authorities.

NCAA Youngboy used to upload lip sync videos with NBA Youngboy’s rap. His following was growing fairly. He had 142K followers on Instagram and millions of views on some of his reels.

Police on Ncaa Youngboy death

Police found the body of an adult in Union Springs of Alabama. The social media news company ChangeofPlanZMedia first reported this news on it’s social media accounts that NBA YoungBoy look-alike Ncaa Youngboy was shot dead.

Police authorities is yet to investigate the person behind Ncaa Youngboy death.

It’s Ncaa Youngboy and not NBA Youngboy who was dead

A lot of people were confused when news came out that NBA Youngboy looked like Ncaa Youngboy shot dead. They thought the rapper NBA Youngboy shot dead, but that’s not true. Body of rapper that found in Union Springs was of Ncaa Youngboy.

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