Peter Hidalgo Death Cause : Fashion Designer dies at 53

Peter Hidalgo a Fashion Designer from the US died on January 17 in Manhattan. He was 53 years old only and the news has really shocked people.

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Know about Peter Hidalgo?

Peter Hidalgo who is a fashion designer had worked with a lot of Hollywood celebrities. In 2010, he received  Fashion Group International’s “Rising Star” award for women’s wear. During his initial days, he used to work for a couple of private clients which had Nicki Minaj as his client.

Peter Hidalgo was introduced to Fashion Designing when he used to work as in-house designer in a West Village boutique in New York. He also used to design store windows with the mannequins. His friend Andriover says, “Everybody used to walk by to see his windows, and everybody used to talk about them.”. He continues saying,” We were friends the entire time that I was in New York. We were friends before we worked together on fashion. All these years we’ve been like brothers.”

He first traveled to New York City in 1990 to buy fabrics for his fashion creations, moved to Manhattan in 1994, and joined Adrover.

“At that time, I had no money. I had this big studio on Chrystie Street. I had about five people living with me, sleeping under the tables and everything. Peter built this little room kind of like a bunker made out of wood. He used to live in the corner,” Adrover says.

“There was a lot of energy in those days. Money was not required to work. It was about the energy that you had inside. We didn’t have a business plan or anything. That’s something unimaginable right now, I guess.” Androver continues,“He was a real fashion designer. He really loved being in fashion.” Adrover said.

Peter Hidalgo Death Cause

The death cause of Peter Hidalgo is not known yet. But, it is most likely due to the critical health of Hidalgo after 50. At the time of his death, Peter Hidalgo was in a homeless shelter where he was living in hope of qualifying for subsidized housing, reported by Adrover.