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Watch Mason Greenwood Girlfriend’s Leaked Video and Audio, know about controversy

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Harriet Robson the girlfriend of Mason Greenwood accused him of physical abuse over a video that leaked online and also an audio clip that surfaced online.

What is Mason Greenwood and Harriet Robson controversy?

mason greenwood leaked audio video

Manchester United Footballballer Mason Greenwood used to abuse his girlfriend Harriet Robson. To prove this point to the world, Harriet Robson secretly recorded the voice of Mason Greenwood shooted a video of her injuries and leaked it online. Her body had injuries and cuts which she claimed were due to her boyfriend Mason. As soon as the video surfaced online, people came to know about the brutality of Mason Greenwood towards his girlfriend.

Manchester United statement on Mason Greenwood Leaked video and audio

As soon the video came on the online portal, people started criticizing player Mason. They forced Manchester United on social media to suspend him from their team. The other side of people demanded that the matter should be investigated and only then player should be proven guilty. Manchester United released a statement,“We are aware of images and allegations circulating on social media. We will not make any further comments until the facts have been established. Manchester United does not condone violence of any kind.”

How to access Mason Greenwood and Harriet Robson leaked audio and video?

The leaked audio and video both are mentioned below for your reference:

Here is the audio transcript to refer.

Mason Greenwood Arrested

Greater Manchester Police confirmed that they made an arrest of Mason on charges of rape and assault on his girlfriend. Police said, “We can confirm a man in his 20s has since been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault”.He remains in custody for questioning and inquiries are ongoing.”

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