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Who is Roxanne?

Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic wolf with an underground rock stylish. Her eyes are a dazzling yellow, while her hide is dim. She wears purple lipstick and toenail paint, green fingernail paint, and face paint with a progression of dark markings. Her hair is long and silver, with a dazzling green streak. Very much like Glamrock Chica, there is a board like crease under her chest, as well as on both of her external upper arms, however moreover likewise has boards in similar relative situation on her upper thighs. Her garments comprise of a red tank top shirt printed with some dark star shapes that uncovered her stomach, studs on her ears, arm bands around the wrists and neck, a spiked belt, red short-shorts, and red shoulder pauldrons.

Whenever Gregory attempts to bait to her circuit, she appears to extremely filthy across her body. In her intensely harmed express, her face is for the most part annihilated and her hair is a tangled wreck. Her voicebox is marginally harmed when she talks, and her packaging is broken, to some degree uncovering her interior endoskeleton. Roxanne’s broken plan is a similarity of Withered Bonnie’s plan, in any case, dissimilar to Withered Bonnie, Roxanne isn’t feeling the loss of her whole face, simply her eyes. Additionally, Roxanne can’t see however Withered Bonnie can because of his red eyes.

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Roxanne is conceited, shown over and over commending herself in the mirror, and angrily inquiring as to whether he thinks himself better than her. She additionally has a serious nature, as she sees observing Gregory as a game she wants to win. She even appears to appreciate provoking and offending her foes, remarkably offending Gregory by saying he has no companions and that nobody will miss him. Be that as it may, she is displayed to have confidence issues, as at one point she should be visible calling herself a disappointment while examining the mirror, and a few of her voice lines while hunting suggest she enjoys harassing individuals for their own weaknesses. Roxy converses with herself a great deal, and cares very much with regards to what she looks like, crying and moaning after Gregory somewhat annihilates her face. She additionally doesn’t need her companions to see this more weak side of her as when Glamrock Freddy go into her room while she is crying she furiously advises him to escape her room.

Roxy is extremely quick and diligent while pursuing Gregory, in the event that she approaches him she will jump at Gregory trying to get him. Assuming Gregory is stowing away while close to Roxy, she will sniff to observe where Gregory is, making stowing away from her silly.

Subsequent to being battered by a kart and with her eyes eliminated, she loses the capacity to see and can presently not be dazed with the Fazer Blaster and Faz-Cam. She will depend on sound signals all things considered, turning out to be more forceful when she hears Gregory and acquiring an expanded thrust. She is next found in the vestiges of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place where Gregory should keep Burntrap from adulterating Glamrock Freddy. She goes about as an interruption to stop Gregory. She is heard as yet crying with regards to her destroyed body while strolling down the left lobby.

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