Shannon Murrin Obituary : Is he still alive?

The kid killer is an uncommon hen in Canada, and as soon as noticed, he must scrutinize his previous whereabouts and actions. Shannon Murrin killed an 8-year-old boy named Mindy Tran in British Columbia. The incident happened nearly a decade ago that is in 2000. Also, the girl kidnapped near her Kelowna, B.C., home in August 1994 and was found dead a few month later with her decomposed body. He allegedly also shot the couple in 1993

1976- Newfoundland Animal Mutilation. Newfoundland sources say Mullin was discovered responsible of horribly mutilating a cow in a church yard, then leaving her there to slowly bleed to dying. A Newfoundland jail guard reported that Shannon Mullin accomplished taxidermy programs in jail after which roamed the streets in quest of highway kills to experiment with after his launch. What number of serial killers began these campaigns, in keeping with Habits Analyzer.

Joseph Oliver accused Shannon Murrin for 1992 death

In 1993, the couple was shot dead. In 2017, Joseph Oliver was found guilty in their death. Oliver accused Shannon Murrin of being a gunman in their death. Oliver was a childhood friend of Shannon. Oliver said, he thought that his friend Shannon Murrin would only assault the couple, but instead of that, he killed them with a headshot. Everything that mentioned by Oliver is not accepted by Crown.

“The Crown advises that while we accept Mr. Oliver’s version that he was not the shooter and that another person was involved, it is entirely Mr. Oliver’s uncorroborated word that the shooter was Mr. Murrin,” the document says.
“We cannot confirm Mr. Murrin was involved in this matter. We can, however, indicated that no other person has been charged in relation to this matter.”

Oliver admitted that he helped to cover the dead bodies of the couple which were buried with rock and tree.

Is Shannon Murrin still alive?

There is no such death news of Shannon Murrin so he is probably still alive and roaming somewhere in Portugal Cove.