Monday, June 27, 2022

Why Sifu not Downloading on Playstation ?

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Sifu is a recently launched game having bugs on Playstation 4 and 5 and that’s making users for being not able for downloading the game.

Why PS Player not being able for downloading Sifu game?

Players who purchased the sifu deluxe edition game were able to get it two days early. On the other side, PC users who purchased this game were able to play. But, Playstation users unfortunately countered with issues and were not able to download.

The sifu game has console issues and users are not able to download it. Also, users get confused with the date format on the download page. Because, on the download page if you try to download it, the expected date flips from 2/4/2022 to 4/2/2022 before closing when you press ok.

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything from your side to resolve the issue.

What officials have to say about the issue?

Sloclap and Sony are looking forward to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Currently, there is no ETA that can tell when will this issue be resolved.

Here what SifuGame official Twitter handle said:

Reaction of Twitteraits after not being able to download sifu game

About Sifu game

Sifu is a beat them up activity experience game that will be accessible for Microsoft Windows and PS4/5 that has been created by Sloclap. The designers are answerable for the notable activity pretending game, Absolver. Sifu shares a comparable streaming battle style, with an accentuation on kung fu, and highlights a wide-assortment of interesting assaults that can be fastened together.

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