Crowd Beat Gender Fluid person for switching between Men and Women Queues Multiple Times

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A tragic incident was reported in Kazan, Russia where a Gender Fluid Person was beaten by a crowd of both men and women. The person was trying to switch in between men and women queues outside H&M Store.

This Gender Fluid person was switching again and again in a shorter queue which caused lot of inconvenience for people outside store. After a while, the H&M Store manager asked a person to leave as they don’t have Gender Fluid Collection.

People present at the place said that he was a 25-year-old boy who was just given an excuse to get into the store first. Initially, he asked everyone to let him go inside the store as he had to leave for a job. But, people were not convinced. Then, he gave an excuse saying his grandma is admitted to the hospital and it would be good if people let them shop quickly inside the store as he wants to leave quickly. But, again people were not convinced.

After seeing failed attempts, he noticed a shorter woman queue and stood there saying ‘he is female and respect him as he is from the LGBTQ community. But, again switched back to the men’s queue after it went shorter. People found this so-called Gender Fluid person irritating and beaten up outside the store.

Some people trolled this incident saying,’ LGBTQ Community must be happy as a person equally treated by both men and women.

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