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Lost Ark Rudric Location

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One of the first bosses that you will come across in Lost Ark is Rudric. Many people are not aware of his location. If you don’t know what Rudric exactly is and where to find it? The article will mention exact location of it.

What is Rudric?

Rudric was a consecrated cleric of the Holy Sacrian Empire. Notwithstanding, he became intrigued with the tumultuous powers of apostasy and begun investigating taboo customs. Prior to being executed by Sacrian Chapter, he cast a dim spell of revival on himself. The spell was not finished, and Rudric returned to life as a thoughtless husk.

He is currently only a beast, meandering around the cemetery, benefiting from spoiling cadavers and retaining lost spirits.
On the off chance that you ably avoid his capacities, Rudric doesn’t present a very remarkable danger. Nonetheless, the gathered spirits are exceptionally troublesome in mass and should be smoothed first. Best case scenario, you don’t attempt the world manager alone, however rout him with a gathering.

Altogether, you should cause Rudric 23,793,730 harm for his 23 life bars to be completely depleted.

Whenever you’ve crushed Rudric, you’ll get epic starter gear that matches your class. Counting adornments, defensive layer, or weapons. Different fortune guides can likewise drop from the world chief.

  • Level: 17
  • Hit points: 1.034.510 x 23
  • Respawn-Timer: 30 Minutes.

What is the exact location to find Rudric in Lost Ark

 Rudric is situated in the Rethramis Borderlands of the first continent, Rethramis. More precisely, you can find him there near the graveyard in the western part of the map.

rudric location lost ark

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