Was Reena Rai Wife Of Deep Sidhu?

Today’s article will be around the actor turned activist Deep Sidhu, who was killed in an accident by the truck trailer. Moreover, we will reveal the Reema Rai, who is assumed to be helping hand in fleeing him away. Let’s know about Reena Rai who is said to be wife of Deep Sidhu, but is it true?

Who Is Deep Sidhu?

Deep Sidhu, a Punjabi actor who made headlines during the farmers’ strike, died in a traffic accident near Delhi on Tuesday after his white Scorpio collided with a truck trailer.

Deep Sidhu was traveling with Reena Rai, an NRI. According to reports, Reena reportedly assisted Sidhu in fleeing following the January 26 incident last year.

Last year, the actor-turned-farm activist made headlines for his role in a violent Republic Day tractor demonstration in the nation’s capital on January 26, leaving several people injured.

The Delhi Police have revealed that a US-based actress called Reena Rai was assisting Deep Sidhu, one of the primary suspects of the January 26 violence in Delhi, by uploading Sidhu’s footage on Facebook. The actress used to run his Facebook page from the United States.

‘During the absconding, Deep Sidhu produced a video hiding someplace in India and then sent it to Reena Rai,’ according to a report. She then shared the footage on Deep Sidhu’s Facebook page. For two years, both were referred to as one of the most renowned couples in the Punjab business. Both never spoke publicly about their connection, but their names were still intertwined. 

Who Is Reena Rai?

Reena Rai is a Punjabi actress who has been working in the Punjabi film business for the past four years. She resides in the state of California in the United States. Reena is well-known for her ability to handle and manage Sidhu Moose Wala. She had also appeared in the Punjabi film ‘Rang Panjab’ as a lead actress.

After working on Rang Panjab’s film, Punjabi viewers adored her performance in the chemistry character she played in a movie. People have praised her for acting up to this point. Sidhu Moose Wala is already on the police’s radar. She is being linked to Deep Sidhu and Sidhu Moosewala.

Reena earned a Physician Assistant degree before venturing into acting. She has been in several Punjabi music videos up to this point. Along with this, she has captured people’s hearts by appearing in several Punjabi films.

Was Reena Rai Wife Of Deep Sidhu?

She is now under investigation by the Delhi Police for allegedly promoting and sharing a video on her Facebook and Instagram pages. Now the issue is, is Deep Sidhu’s wife Reena Rai? No, that is not the case. Reena Rai is not the wife of Deep Sidhu as many of us thought. She was her friend and was helping him. It is said that they had a relationship and she was said to be his girlfriend.

Deep Sidhu once officially declared through his Insta post about his love for Reena Rai.

deep sidhu reena rai wife

The Bottom Line

To summarize everything, while Deep was killed in the accident, Reena Rai, who was beside him, escaped with just minor injuries. Reena is now being treated at a neighboring hospital. I hope you have got all the Deep Sidhu and Reema Rai information.