Watch Real Nasa Wale Bahut Khatarnak Hai Meme.

The current meme trend started with the phrase “Nasa wale bahut khatarnak hai” and many people are clueless about it.

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What is Nasa wale bahut khatarnak hai Meme?

The Youtuber Trap Facts Hindi makes a funny and sarcastic unreal video about the world’s mysterious things. In Jan 2022, the Youtuber made a video with visuals of Rocket Launch and titled it as ‘Nasa Wale Bahut Khatarnak Hai’. The Youtuber explained in the video, “Scientist at Nasa is very dangerous. Because they launched a rocket saying that they would land it on Sun. But in reality, they wanted to check whether the sun is able to burn cigarettes or not. So, they placed a cigarette in Rocket and launched it. Successfully, cigarette burnt as soon as Rocket came close to Sun and they became successful in their mission”.

The above video context doesn’t make any sense and sounds funny. That’s what happened with this video. People found this video very funny presented in a strange way. So, the video became viral on meme pages. This is how “Nasa Wale Bahut Khatarnak Hai” Meme Trend started.

Watch actual Nasa Wale Bahut Khatarnak Hai Meme Video

Here is the actual video link

Lot of people were confusing with the actual video as they came across lot of compilation videos of it.

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