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Lewdfroggo is an adult anime artist famous for his art of anime characters Mona and Travis.

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Who is Lewdfroggo?

Lewdfroggo is an NSFW animator. This artist animates famous anime characters in adult forms. Lewdfroggo makes content mostly around anime character Mona and partner Travis. Those videos by Lewdfroggo reached more than a million in views. The Twitter account has 463.8K followers. It is not known whether this artist is male or female. This artist also has a Patreon account where he asks people to fund his/her work. A lot of his/her fans fund to let him/her animate more videos.

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About Character Mona Narumi

Mona Narumi known by her presentation name mona, is the more youthful sister of Sena Narumi and a person highlighted in Confession Executive Committee. She fills in as an essential person in the Idol Series, however appeared as an optional person in the Love Series. She is an independent icon expertly and a first year secondary school understudy at Misuzu High School.
Mona is a young lady with short bounce style light hair, and has blue eyes. Her resting face gives her loose and more apathetic eyes, yet she can turn out to be more enlivened when centered.
Outfit decision for Mona will in general slant towards a ‘innocent silly’ gathering; while her stage outfits are undeniably female, her relaxed clothing frequently incorporates commonsense and ample garments like long-sleeve shirts, shorts, and overalls.
Mona, generally, will be by and large intense and apathetic, however before her companions and fans she sets up a lot better front. She used to be a lot kinder and hopeful, notwithstanding, in the wake of hearing a few young ladies make statements concerning how she was never going to resemble her more seasoned sister, she began turning out to be more far off and cold, particularly towards Sena. For her mentality, she views her negative characteristics as what her identity is, and regularly centers around them, believing she’s wrecked and underhanded and couldn’t take a gander at herself in the mirror. Nonetheless, she actually takes a stab at her fantasy about being a symbol and profession savvy, is a focused young lady. She rehearses her venerated image exercises whenever she finds the opportunity to, and in spite of difficulty endeavors to place on a bold face to act in top condition. In spite of this, she actually acknowledges those pessimistic encounters like any other individual, however understands that she wants both great and terrible encounters to develop personally and as an entertainer. Mona has gone on about experiencing passionate feelings for when she was more youthful, but since of her present yearnings as a symbol she has chosen to hold off on sentiment.
She enormously likes support, particularly coming from her fans and her loved ones.

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