Watch Jrd88 Twitter Video of Russia’s missile on 14 year old girl

The shocking video of Twitter user Jrd88 is viral on Twitter

What is Jrd88 Twitter Video?

The video shared by Twitter user Jrd88 is a recording of Ukraine’s streets during the war. The 14 year old was passing through the street around 7 am on the 24th of Feb, and the missile bomb landed on the same place. She was injured in this explosion and after a while, one can see that she was trying to wake up but at last she couldn’t make it up. The 14-year-old girl lost her life during Russia’s bombing of Ukraine.

Some people criticized Ukraine Military for leaving some of their citizens open on the road during the war. They said that Ukraine couldn’t protect their citizens and girls should also have realized to net go out during the war. But, most of the other people pray for her.


Recent Update on Russia Ukraine War

Somewhere around 198 Ukrainians, including three kids, have been killed because of the Russian intrusion of Ukraine, the top of the Ukrainian Health Ministry was cited by the Interfax news office as saying on Saturday. He said 1,115 individuals were injured, including 33 kids.
Congress MP KC Venugopal keeps in touch with EAM Dr S Jaishankar encouraging him to guarantee coordination at adjoining Hungarian and Romanian focuses for clearing of Indian residents from Ukraine. He asserts an absence of coordination by government office specialists at line focuses.
Russian powers have not caught the southeastern Ukrainian city of Melitopol and defensively covered sections progressing on the capital Kyiv have been held up by Ukrainian opposition, British military clergyman James Heappey said on Saturday. Heappey said it was the British appraisal that Russia had up to this point neglected to catch any of its the very beginning focuses for its attack of Ukraine, which started on Thursday. “Indeed, even Melitopol, which the Russians are professing to have taken yet we can’t see anything to prove that, are largely still in Ukrainian hands,” Heappey told BBC radio. “The battling … provided details regarding the edges of Kyiv short-term, we comprehend to simply be Russian unique powers and pockets of paratroopers,” he said. “Actually the heavily clad sections that were descending from Belarus and the north that planned to enclose Kyiv are still some way north since they’ve been held up by this extraordinary Ukrainian opposition,” the clergyman said. (Reuters)