Thursday, September 29, 2022

Watch niña 14 años ucrania misile Video

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The shocking video of Twitter user Jrd88 is viral on Twitter of niña 14 años ucrania misile

What is niña 14 años ucrania misile Video controversy?

The video shared by Twitter user Jrd88 is a recording of Ukraine’s streets during the war. The 14 year old was passing through the street around 7 am on the 24th of Feb, and the missile bomb landed on the same place. She was injured in this explosion and after a while, one can see that she was trying to wake up but at last she couldn’t make it up. The 14-year-old girl lost her life during Russia’s bombing of Ukraine.

Some people criticized Ukraine Military for leaving some of their citizens open on the road during the war. They said that Ukraine couldn’t protect their citizens and girls should also have realized to net go out during the war. But, most of the other people pray for her.

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About Ukraine Russia War Update

Road battling has broken out in Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, as Russian powers progressed on the city and Ukrainian authorities asked inhabitants to take cover.

As first light broke in Kyiv on Saturday, it was not quickly clear how far the officers had progressed. Ukrainian authorities revealed achievement in battling off attacks, yet all at once battling continued close to the capital. Clashes provided details regarding the edge of the city of almost 3,000,000 individuals recommended that little Russian units were testing Ukrainian guards to make a way for the primary powers.
Saturday denoted the third day of a monstrous land, ocean and air attack requested by President Vladimir Putin in what ended up being Russia’s greatest military sending since World War II and has brought about many losses.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy rejected an American proposal for him to empty, demanding that he would remain in Kyiv. “The battle has arrived,” he said on Saturday.
Zelenskyy recharged affirmations that the country’s military would confront the Russian intrusion and said that guarantees that the Ukrainian military would put down arms were misleading.

“We won’t set down weapons. We will safeguard the country,” he said. “Our weapon is our reality, and our reality is that it’s our territory, our country, our kids. Also we will guard all of that.”

Vitali Klitschko, Kyiv’s chairman, said on Saturday that Russian soldiers had up to this point been kept from entering the city by Ukrainian powers that included military police, public watches and chips in.

“Presently rebellious gatherings are acting in Kyiv, there were a few conflicts, firefights,” he said.
“As of 6am, 35 individuals were injured, including two kids. I request that everybody try to avoid panicking, and remain in covers. The foe will assault from the air.”

The road conflicts followed Russian strikes that beat extensions, schools and high rises.

A rocket that struck a private structure in Kyiv on Saturday didn’t kill anybody, a counselor to the inside serve said. Anton Herashchenko likewise said Russia was lying regarding not shelling regular citizen framework. As per the counselor, no less than 40 such destinations had been hit and Russian soldiers were shelling regular citizen locales.

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