Watch Bro Be Feasting On Cobwebs Fr Twitter Video

The video of a 28-year-old guy with his 60-year-old partner is viral on the Internet. The video got famous as Bro Be Feasting On Cobwebs viral on Twitter through some TikTok Video of Johnsteve69.

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What is Bro Be Feasting On Cobwebs Fr Twitter Controversy?

The man named King Quran who was having s** with his 60-year-old partner in the video is TikTok. He made a video and a lot of people were criticized after seeing such a huge age difference in a couple. People found it very hard to watch both of them intercoursing. The couple made video to famous themselves. Their account with a video got suspended due to Twitter Policy Violations.

Their video was first famed through Twitter as Johnsteve69_lol then they created new account to shoot their pron. But all of them Twitter started suspending.

Where to access Their Video


Note: The video could be removed anytime bt Twitter Team due to n*dity of the video