Who is Yelena Osipova detained by Russian Police for Anti-War Protests?

Yelena Osipova a 77-year-old lady who is known as a survivor of the Siege of Leningrad detained in StPetersburg, Russia by Russian troops for her participation in Anti-War campaigns.

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Who is Yelena Osipova?

Yelena Osipova is an activist artist from Russia who participated in past protests against unfavorable policies of the Russian government. Her art has always been one of the greatest tools to speak on any current affairs. She portrays her objections and views through her art paintings. If it’s needed, she came to the streets to protest.

Yelena Osipova graduated from an art school whose current name is Roerich Art School.

One of Yelena Osipova ‘s famous paintings is “Russia is a bird, not bear”. The title of the paintings simply means,”Russia wants to be a bird: peaceful, honest, kind.  Russia: kind and hardworking. 2011: The bear can no longer be cured. Vote for the bird. Although it is wounded, if it is treated well, it can fly high. Vote for the hardworking bird

In Image: “Russia is a Bird, not bear” painting

Yelena Osipova was part of many protests in Petersburg. In 2015, she was standing in protests with her own artistic posters which went viral. She became the center of attention of protests. After that, in 2015, she participated in one of the first artist exhibitions at 75 years of age. The organizers collected to show not only Osipova’s best political posters but also her paintings, mainly portraits, and landscapes.

Expressing her feelings about her artistic journey during an exhibition in 2015, she said, “This exhibition is the first in my life. And I love the room and these vaulted ceilings and the fact you can see how my paintings segue into the posters. The latest poster, showing a mother with a dead infant, is about the dead Tajik boy Umarali Nazarov, while the first was prompted by the Nord-Ost tragedy in 2002. Then I went to the Mariinsky Palace [seat of the Saint Petersburg Legislative Assembly] with a simple lettered poster, handwritten on a sheet of wove paper. I just could not understand why no one took to the streets then, why everyone was silent. On the fortieth day after the deaths of the hostages, I made a poster in which I painted a picture in acrylics on fabric.”

Watch the viral video of Yelena Osipova detained