Watch: Is Putin Aerofloat video fake smartly with Green Screen ?

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Vladimir Putin had a meeting about sanctions from western countries along with flight female attendants from various airlines. In the video so called Fake Video of Putin, he can be seen sitting along with Aerofloat female employee which is claimed to be the part of green screen by lot of Twitteraits.

What is Vladimir Putin Green Screen Fake Video Controversy?

The video which is viral on social media is said to be faked by Putin. The reason why a lot of Twitteraits believe that the video is made fake by the Russian Government is that, in the video, Putin’s hand goes through the mic for a second which is next to his table. A lot of Internet users claim the use of Green Screen to make the meeting video public.

Is Green Screen used by Putin for a video?

The answer is likely No. Because one needs to understand that the original video released by the actual source gets converted into a lot of formats. When a user uploads it to any social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, etc, it gets heavily compressed. This heavy compression of video from original sources to the viewers can create Compression Artifacts.

Compression Artifacts result in distortion of original media. Distortion is not that noticeable but it is said to be ok because it delivers the message which needed to be delivered. But, in case, like Putin Aerofloat video, Twitteraits didn’t lose an opportunity to criticize the Russian Government to fake the video.

Why Putin Aerofloat Video is most likely fake according to some people?

The reason why people are pointing out the video is fake is because Putin is not sitting as close to someone during his current meetings. Many of us noticed that in his meeting with Defense Officer, he was sitting far from them.

The reason for Putin sitting far from people in his meeting is not clearly known. But, Covid could be one of the reasons. Else, it makes him safer to not sit very close to someone as he is the President of Russia. That’s why this Aeroflot video looks very odd in such circumstances.

The actual photograph and videos that proves the video is real

putin fake aerofloat green screen video

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