Thursday, May 19, 2022

Geheimdienst Leak : How FSB’s Leak document explaining Russia ‘s Masterplan?

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An analyst with the Geheimdiens aka Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) leaks a devastating inventory of the war of incursion in Ukraine. It would be severe criticism from Putin’s security apparatus. The document stands up well to initial scrutiny by intelligence experts – but it could also be extremely well-crafted propaganda.

The Ukrainian armed forces surprised Putin’s army with their combat effectiveness – but nobody on the Russian side wants to admit that officially. Now a document has emerged that severely criticizes Russia’s government for its haphazard approach. It is said to have been written by an analyst from the Russian secret service FSB.

FSB criticism causes a stir – No Evidences are claiming that Geheimdiens Leak FSB Document is fake

The letter is quite explosive – if it is real. It cannot be definitively verified at the moment. A journalist from the investigative portal Bellingcat submitted the text to two FSB sources. They, therefore, confirmed that the paper could well have come from the FSB. Of course, this is not a definitive confirmation.

The Geheimdiens Leak FSB document is so controversial because it paints a ruthless picture of Russia’s presumably planless invasion of Ukraine – and predicts some devastating consequences.

That is in the alleged FSB paper

For a long time, the employees at the FSB had provided analyzes for supposedly hypothetical simulation games that politicians wanted to hear: “But then it turns out that the hypothesis has become reality, and the analysis that we carried out on it is total rubbish,” they say it in the report. A little later, the FSB agent writes: “We’re up to our necks in shit.”

Here what Geheimdiens FSB Leak Document Reads

  • “The blitzkrieg failed. With reasonable information in advance, we would have at least pointed out that the original plan is controversial, that a lot has to be revised, a lot.”
  • The Ukrainians and the Ukrainian army are extremely motivated and have good weapons and commanders. The analyst writes: “We will set a precedent for human catastrophes in the world. Now even those who were loyal to us are against us.”
  • Russia cannot declare general mobilization for two reasons: first, it “tears up” the country politically, economically and socially; and secondly, the logistics are “already overloaded”.
  • One has lost track of the losses on the Russian side. “There are guaranteed deaths in the thousands. Maybe 10,000, maybe 5,000, maybe just 2,000. But it’s probably closer to 10,000.”
  • Ukrainian cities could withstand a siege for “years” because aid supplies are coming from Europe .
  • For the duration of the conflict, the deadline is in June. “Because in June there will be no more economy in Russia – there will be nothing left.” And: In the summer, a global famine is “inevitable”.
  • Now you have to wait until “some shitty advisor convinces those up there” to give Europe a choice: either war or relax the sanctions.
  • A local nuclear strike is conceivable – it doesn’t make sense militarily, but to “intimidate the others”.

The analyst predicts that one of the sides will collapse in Russia in the coming week: pro-war or anti-war. The current tensions cannot be sustained any longer.

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