Is McPlayGt A TikToker really attacked by White People?

TikToker McPlayGt attacked on road of New York which injured him to almost death.

Why McPlayGt attacked?

According to the TikToker himself, he was attacked as he is Asian. McPlayGt was walking on the road of New York, along with 9 girls. The other Guy on-road behaved rudely and asked him how did he manage to get all those girls? Whereas, girls said that he is their boyfriend to protect him. McPlayGt said, “be yourself and you’ll do well”. Then, they started walking ahead. But, a guy came to him and attacked his back neck with a razor. TikToker was almost on a way to get killed.

Most likely that American guy was jealous of him for being Asian.

Is McPlayGt Dead?

No, he is not dead. The incident injured him very badlyy. Some of his fans misunderstood that he might be dead. But, he officially explained the scenario on his social media handles.

What McPlayGt has to say about this stabbing incident?

McPlayGt explains this scenario on his Insta post and writes,”The thing is i would never expect something like this to happen, not sure if it was an Asian hate crime or jealousy type thing. please be-careful when walking in NYC, because i thought i would never encounter something like this. please be careful guys, even if you are so nice you will still encounter people like this. Please, tag news articles and share to friends in NYC, I’m glad to be alive right now🙏🏽❤️ i’ll never stop pushing to make content and staying positive. SPREAD AWARENESS. Stay safe.”

Some visuals of McPlayGt from hospital

About McxPlayGt

McplayGt’s real name is Michael Chen. Famous web star most popular for his mcplaygt TikTok account where he posts trick recordings, regularly including his mother. He has acquired over 4.9 million supporters for him.

He started posting on his previous themichaelchen Instagram account in February 2020.

His comedic recordings have acquired him north of 160 million preferences on his TikTok account. His username McPlayGT means “Michael Chen plays Growtopia.” notwithstanding TikTok, he is additionally dynamic on Twitch and YouTube.

His mother and grandmother show up in a few of his TikTok recordings.