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No Mercy In Mexico Video : Watch actual video and know the controversy

no mercy in mexico twitter video

The shocking video of No Mercy in Mexico is trending all over the Internet where father and sons were brutally killed by the Mexican Cartel.

What is No Mercy Mexico Video Controversy?

A Mexican cartel murders a father and son after they were found out to be informants for an enemy Cartel. The way they were murdered can leave some scars on a lot of people that are going to take a long time to heal from seeing this. Unfortunately, Mexico would basically be nothing without the cartels, the government has no power over them and the police are extremely corrupt.

The video is named ‘No Mercy In durag’ as two men in Mexico are tortured to death and shown no mercy.

What is in this ‘No Mercy In Mexico’ Twitter Video?

A lot of people couldn’t digest this video. So, the visuals from this video are not for everyone. That’s why here is what happened in that video:

A Dad and his son have been tied up by the police gang. The Dad is getting hit by a stick multiple times while he grunts in pain. After that. The gang rushes up to him and starts to cut his head off. After they cut his head off they show it up to the screen and throw it on his body. The son starts to cry. Now it’s his turn. He grunts in pain as he is getting cut and he tries to fight back but the gang doesn’t care, they cut a large hole where his heart is and he pulls it out. He pulls out all of the guts and stuff.

How did this video go viral and got noticed by a mass audience?

A lot of people came to know about this video through TikTok and Youtube Shorts. 90% of the people who watched this video recommended others to not watch it due to really terrific visuals. Due to such terrific incidents, the video became the topic of center and went viral over Twitter and Reddit as No Mercy In Mexico.

Where to watch No Mercy In Mexico Twitter Video?

In Picture: The above pic is a Screenshot of the original video, to watch the video, click below red button



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History of Blog Del Narco

An unknown individual made the site in light of the fact that the Government of Mexico was not announcing the viciousness and was attempting to imagine that “nothing [was] occurring”, the media was “threatened” and the “public authority had evidently been bought.”[2][3]

The creator would at first go through four hours consistently dealing with the site. To manage the expanded responsibility, he asked a companion, additionally mysterious, to help him. They chose to communicate their substance without change or alterations of accommodation and assist Mexicans with avoiding potential risk to safeguard their own prosperity. They picked YouTube to transfer recordings to the web and remark as @infonarco on Twitter.[3] During the beginning of Blog del Narco, everyone of Mexico submitted just few reports to them, yet as the site assembled entrust with time, more reports were submitted. The makers and current editors of the blog “have not gotten any dangers yet.”[3]

In 2011, a video posted on the blog illustrated a jail superintendent’s means of allowing detainees to free around evening time so they could submit murders for drug cartels. Because of the video, the jail superintendent was arrested.[4]

In May 2013, it was uncovered that one of the creators of the blog was a lady in her mid 20s who goes by the pen name.” “toward the beginning of May, Lucy escaped Mexico for the United States (Texas), then, at that point, Spain.[5] The webpage had not been dynamic since May 2013.

A portion of the recordings posted on the site show episodes of homicide and torture.[6]

In Mexico, numerous customary editorial outlets have been undermined and bothered because of anecdotes about the medication dealing industry they considered distributing, so mysterious sites like Blog del Narco play taken the part of covering occasions connected with the medication war.[7] The creator utilizes PC security strategies to darken his identity.[8] His secrecy has been kept up with. Whenever he directed a meeting with the Associated Press, he utilized a hidden phone number. The creator of the blog said that he is doing an assistance by distributing delicate insights concerning the Mexican Drug War that columnist associations in Mexico are reluctant to distribute because of a paranoid fear of reprisal. The blogger said, “for the sparse subtleties that they (broad communications) put on TV, they get projectiles tossed at them and their columnists seized. We distribute everything. Envision how they could treat us.”

As of September 2010, the blog had 3,000,000 exceptional month to month views.[2] By 2011, it became one of the most visited sites in Mexico.[6] Members of police and medication cartel bunches straightforwardly read the blog.[9]

MSNBC depicted Blog del Narco as “Mexico’s go-to Web webpage on data on the nation’s medication war.”[10] Additionally, The Houston Chronicle said that Blog del Narco is “a coarse, fantastic view to Mexico’s medication war.”[11]

The Guardian and Los Angeles Times noticed that Blog del Narco is a reaction to Mexico’s “narco-control,” a term utilized when columnists and editors of the Mexican Drug War, out of dread or mindfulness, are compelled to either compose what the medication rulers request, or stay quiet by not composing anything at all.[12] If they don’t follow what the medication cartels request, the writers might be captured, threatened, or even killed.[13]

Spencer Ackerman of Wired said, “regardless of whether you read Spanish (like me), the pictures on Blog Del Narco recount the frightful story. Old, well off men held prisoner and embarrassed. Paramilitary police in ski covers arresting fellows. Individuals strolling the roads in body protective layer, programmed weapons out. Then there’s every one of the dead bodies and shot-up cars.”[2]

Jo Tuckman of Dawn said that the site’s substance are “a list of repulsiveness missing even from the public press, which actually covers the brutality from the overall security of its base camp in the capital.”[7]

Duncan Robinson of the New Statesman said “To say that the blog’s inclusion is crude is putting it mildly. It is instinctive and undigested. This is news natural, pure and uncensored. Where a news manager would remove, Blog del Narco’s recording waits. Beheadings are not depicted, they are imagined. It’s proudly vicious. The blog’s raison d’être is basic: to reflect what is happening.”[14]

Nate Freeman of The Observer said “his anonymity permitted him pull off stories that would imperil known journalists[…]”[9]