Clip hiền hồ 10p3ss Link and Controversy

Over the past day, netizens have been buzzing about Hien Ho ‘s strange move . recently, the singer suddenly locked her fanpage and recently her personal Facebook. Know about this clip hiền hồ 10p33s controversy.

While netizens were still confused, an account posted a picture of Hien Ho taking a super close photo with a giant U60. Through the passionate embrace between the two, many viewers believe that this is a man-woman relationship. This image is being widely spread, but the owner is currently silent.

It can be said that the name Hien Ho is covering social networks with a dense frequency, a lot of information related to female singer Yes Like No has been re-shared widely. However, some fanpages have taken advantage of this story to post status lines with like sentences in order to arouse curiosity from netizens and take advantage of interactive sentences. One of them is the status line “HH clip 10p33s…” which is being shared and commented on by many people, all of whom call HH’s name Hien Ho and ask for the link ungracefully.

However, the truth is completely different. The clip in question is… MV Meet But Don’t Stay is made by Hien Ho as a short film with a duration of 10 minutes and 33 seconds. Many netizens, after knowing the truth, had a back-and-forth reaction and laughed. This is an act worthy of condemnation when taking advantage of drama to get likes regardless.

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