Video of 14 Year Old Dies At Icon Park viral on Twitter and Reddit

The shocking video started surfacing online where one can see a 14-year-old boy free fall from a ride of drop tower attraction at Icon Park of Orlando region. The video is heartbreaking and shocking to watch. The boy was declared dead on the spot.

Who was the 14-year-old guy in the video who fall and dies at Icon Park?

The name of the boy whose death video is circulating is Tyre Sampson. One can see in the video that after taking all precautions, the ride starts. The ride went up and while coming down, a person fell from it when it was significantly high from the ground. It was found that the person who fell was a 14-year-old boy whose name is Tyre Sampson. He was there with his family or fun ride. Details about him and his family are still not known. The case is still under investigation.

Some other updates about the case

Authorities have not revealed much about the case. But, some people around this ride at that time said that it was not accompanied by the provision of the seat belt.  As per the Sheriff’s office, this serious investigation is still in its early stages. The investigation of the is going on seriously at this moment. Sheriff says,“Based on all of our preliminary investigation information, it appears to be a terrible tragedy, but our investigation is still open,”

According to the ICON park’s official site, the Orlando Free Fall is 430 ft tall and “making it the world’s highest freestanding drop tower.” As soon as the accident happened, the boy was rushed to hospital but he was already dead and it was confirmed by a doctor.

Actual Video of 14-year-old dies at icon park viral on Twitter and Reddit

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