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Megan Huntsman, a meth addict, told investigators that she began murdering her children when she became pregnant because she couldn’t care for them because of her drug addiction.

Megan Hunstman ‘s counsel entered the stand and read letters from two of her kids, who were born before her addiction began, according to local reports from the courtroom.

The letters painted a striking contrast between the beloved mother they claimed to know and the woman who murdered her flesh and blood six times.

Despite the horrible acts, her mother, Joyce Huntsman, was allegedly in court and took the stand to defend her daughter tearfully.

Megan Huntsman ‘s Viewpoint On The Murder

Darren West, the estranged husband, discovered the body in April 2014 while cleaning out a garage at the house they shared in Pleasant Grove, Utah, a small town south of Salt Lake City with a population of roughly 35,000 people. The seventh baby discovered in her garage was stillborn, according to authorities.

Huntsman informed cops that she murdered or suffocated the kids as soon as they were delivered. She covered their bodies in a towel or a shirt, placed them in plastic bags, and put them in garage boxes.

Huntsman is accused of murdering the infants for ten years, from 1996 to 2006, when she told detectives she was hooked on methamphetamine and didn’t want to care for them.

According to DNA testing, all seven neonates were delivered full term, and West, her now-estranged husband, was the biological father of the children. West stayed with her for ten years when the infants were murdered, although he is not suspected of their killings.

The deaths were discovered shortly after West was released from federal prison, where he had spent more than eight years pleading guilty to meth crimes. Huntsman has spoken very little in her few court appearances.

According to the search warrant affidavit, Huntsman informed officers on the day the kids were discovered that she had eight or nine dead babies in her house. On the other hand, Huntsman was subsequently determined to be perplexed and make the best estimate.

Megan Huntsman Testimonial on Crime

Huntsman later acknowledged choking or smothering six children while maintaining that a seventh infant discovered in the garage was stillborn.

When the investigator questioned Huntsman why three of her kids were still alive, she answered the two eldest daughters were born before she had a drug addiction. Beckstrom said she had two pregnant family members while she was pregnant with her youngest living kid, and she informed them she was expecting as well.

“Because the pregnancy was known,” Beckstrom claimed, “[the kid] was not murdered.”

Huntsman allegedly informed Beckstrom that she killed each kid after secretly giving birth to the five girls and two boys in her bathroom or bedroom. He testified that she would then hold the baby for a few minutes to ensure it didn’t have a heartbeat.

“She claims she kept them in the garage because she was scared she would be caught if she got rid of them or relocated them,” Beckstrom said.

According to defence counsel Anthony Howell, Huntsman fell pregnant as a youngster, had two children, and became hooked on drugs shortly after.

“It’s reasonable to say she had a difficult time adjusting to adulthood,” Howell added. “She’s bashful and was hesitant to ask for help.”

According to Howell, Huntsman would not have had a case if he hadn’t confessed and informed them what happened.

Megan Huntsman Investigation

An investigator explained Huntsman’s cold and calculated method of killing to the KSL local news channel. West, photographed after the sentencing, is believed to have not known about the murders.

Huntsman allegedly informed the officer that she would take the infants in her arms when they were just minutes old.

Then, he added, she’d push her thumbs on their necks until they strangled to death. She’d then cram their small bodies within.

Seven babies’ bodies were eventually discovered, one of which was judged to be stillborn.

Huntsman’s estranged husband, Darren West, revealed the atrocities when he discovered the first body and phoned the cops. From 1996 to 2006, the births and killings occurred.

According to startled neighbours, Huntsman was ‘perpetually slender’ when she was detained, and they would never have realised she was pregnant.

For Huntsman’s offences, her punishments today were the worst conceivable. Three of them will be served in succession, implying that she will be imprisoned for at least 15 years and most likely much more.

The conviction marks an end to a case that shocked the peaceful, primarily Mormon neighbourhood where Huntsman kept the small remains for over a decade.

Prosecutors invited Beckstrom to appear at the court because they said the complete story had never been revealed.

Beckstrom stated after the hearing, “We did want to make sure that (the court) knew all that we dealt with.” “We wanted the judge to understand what Megan chose to do before he made his judgement, so we were able to provide him a summary of  everything we did to comprehend what Megan opted to do.”

The first package had been opened by the couple’s youngest living daughter, who saw what seemed to be “a dead infant in a bag.”

Investigators discovered that West was the father of all six children and a stillborn seventh. West said he had no idea his wife was pregnant with those seven children.

Megan Hunstman Pleaded Guilty

Megan Huntsman, 39, may spend the rest of her life in jail if convicted on the charges. On April 20, she will be sentenced.

The killings shocked the predominantly Mormon hamlet, where Huntsman stored the small remains for more than a decade.

The deaths were discovered shortly after West was released from federal prison, where he had spent more than eight years pleading guilty to meth crimes. Huntsman has spoken very little in her few court appearances.

According to the search warrant affidavit, Huntsman informed officers that she had eight or nine dead infants in her house the day the newborns were discovered. Huntsman, however, was eventually determined to be confused and make an educated assumption.

The Bottom Line

To wrap up things in a few words, Megan Huntsman, aged 39, was found guilty, she will spend the rest of her life in prison. I hope you might have received all the information about Megan Huntsman you were looking for.

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