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Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore Twitter Video : Watch Face Burnt alive

ghost rider mexicano gore twitter video

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A group of people burnt the face alive of a man and shoot a video of the incident. The video went viral as ‘Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore Video’ and it was removed from Twitter due to policy violations.

What is Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore Video?

Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore is a video where a group of people burnt the face of a man alive. The whole incident was caught on camera and went viral on the Internet. The person who was burnt alive was a killer and used to burn other people alive. He also beheaded son in front of his father and shoot a video of the incident and made it viral. Now, a drug cartel caught him and did the same to him.

Who was the person burnt alive in the video?

The person was caught by a drug cartel and this person was used to doing the same. The person who was killed in this video was also a gangster and used to kill people by burning their faces alive. The drug cartels finally caught him and as a revenge, they did the same to him. The video went viral on Reddit.

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Where to watch Ghost Rider Mexicano Gore Twitter Video?

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