Chrisland School R*pe Video : Watch alleged 10 year old girl viral video

Watch the alleged Chrisland School R*pe video with a link mentioned somewhere in this article.

Chrisland School, one of the well-known private schools in Nigeria is in controversy due to an alleged video of a 10-year-old girl r*ped by her classmate started circulating online on Twitter. The parent of a girl blamed the school for hiding the information for a month.

What is Chrisland School 10-year-old R*pe Controversy?

Ubi Franklin who is a Nigerian music executive tweeted on Sunday that her friend’s daughter was r*ped by her classmate and the school did hide the incident for more than a month. The classmates also shooted the video and made it viral on Instagram and Internet.

Here is what Ubi Franklin wrote,” Just got off the phone with a friend of mine. His 10-year-old daughter was selected to represent her school at the World School Games in Dubai. His daughter was r**ped by fellow students, video tapped and posted on Instagram and the school concealed it for a month.”

He continued by saying,”He found out on his own when another parent called his wife and showed his wife the video of his 10-year-old daughter being circulated on Instagram. I have spent the last 1hour listening to confessional statements by some teachers and I am begging this should rather be a dream.”

Ubi Franklin also alleged that the school administration asked her parents to take their daughter for the COVID test and they actually did a pregnancy test on her. After some days, that 10 year old was suspended from school.

Ubi Franklin never mentioned a school name in his tweets. But, still it came out.

How did Chrisland School ‘s name come out in a 10-year-old girl case?

News was reported by online portals that Chrisland School situated in highbrow Victoria Garden City (VGC), Ikoyi suspended a 10-year-old student for participating in a “truth-or-dare” game in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

School clarified that she was suspended for “improper behavior and misconduct”

Video of a mother of 10-year-old girl alleging Chrisland School and asking for help

Here is what the mother of a girl says,” I left and they took my daughter elsewhere to interrogate her without my consent. Secondly, they have been threatening my daughter if she speaks out that they are going to kill her. That it is a man’s world and she should keep quiet. She shouldn’t disclose this to me and my daughter was dying in silence. I didn’t know. Every day when she’s going to school before seeing actually and come out, I”ll be telling her to come outside, come outside. This time we want to go to school. Even the teacher, Mr. Timothy, her class teacher, was calling her a stupid girl, a useless girl in the midst of other students. Please help me, they took this girl, took her to go and do a pregnancy test without me knowing without father knowing and lied all the way taking her for COVID Tests. They took her, they took her almost three times. This is impossible Do they use blood samples for convicted? Do they use your life for a COVID test? And I did not know until this thing came up. Until crown, it’s all because we have totally confronted them because we have started telling them that we are aware of what they have done. They now sent her a suspension letter. After I carried my daughter handed her over to you and you people were begging me that she should come. We beg a lot for her to go the trip with you. And, you got her left there. Please, I need help. My daughter is not Ok, I need help.”

Watch the alleged Chrisland School 10-year-old girl R*pe video?

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