Watch Mav Y Herrera Viral Video : Meet Herrezmzl Y Su Novia Mav

The video of TikToker Mav and Hererra getting viral on Social Media. One can watch Mav Y Herrera Viral Video Here. Also, meet Herrezmzl Y Su Novia Mav.

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What are Mav and Herrera? Who is Herrezmzl Y Su Novia Mav?

To celebrate a day of attachment and friendship, Herrera and his girlfriend Mav decided to do a little different and give a little attachment to a couple living on the street. In the video you can see how the couple agreed to spend the day with the influencer, who is pregnant, making the situation very emotional. The clip shows how the two characters have changed their look, new clothes that include shoes, accessories and a fringe cut, but it does not end there, Mav and Herrezmzl have lunch with the couple, enjoy them and give them a completely different day, all of them they enjoyed a helicopter flight that brought life, joy and hope to this town. His followers welcomed the act in an excellent way, and did not hesitate to leave their support in the comments and reactions to the video.

Models and influencers entered the competition and were selected as “Princesses”.

María Alejandra, better known on social networks as Mav, represented the city of Bello-Antioquia in the Miss Teen Colombia contest, winning under the slogan #NoAlBullyingNoALaDiscrimination, focusing on her experiences because Mav had to suffer bullying because of her elevation and being Colombian. With 1.57 cm, this made her walk through the streets of Comuna 13 of Medellín spreading the message of hope and struggle that everyone can achieve her dreams, regardless of her body. What are the characteristics like?

This is not the first time that Mav competes, during her 17 years the Colombian has competed in several contests including “Pupila Antioquia”, without neglecting her time in different modeling and behavior academies, she has been exposed to these races since the 10 years Aprils.

Watch Mav Y Herrera Viral Video