Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Is Madison Cawthorn Gay? Know his actual gender

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Do you feel Madison Cawthorn Gay? Videos are surfacing all over the Internet that videos showing GOP Representative caught with his hands on his crotch. Madison Cawthorn, a Republican legislator who is making news on television and social media. The Internet is flooding with videos of the congressman, many people gone wild.

People got confused about his sexuality and gender and began to question. Madison Cawthorn became the talk of the town in no time after his video got viral and that appeared on the Internet. He caught a lot of attention in no time.

People are now becoming extremely curious to know about what is on the Video and the reason he is attracting too much attention. Hence, we have brought to you this article that says everything about the video.

Madison Cawthorn is homosexual or straight?   

After the Madisson scandal it has become a talk of the town and people are highly curious to know about what is the there in the video and come up with one question- “Is Madison Cawthorn gay?” based on the recently released video. So, let us know more about his sexuality and clear all the doubts regarding this.

Madison Cawthorn’s Viral Video

As per reports one of the Republican Representative’s male companion Madison Cawthorn is seen scrabbling on his crotch in the viral video clip. Madison’s video was shot in car with his friend Stephen Smith. The Republican is 26 years old and Stepen Smith is 23 years old.

What the Representative exaggerated in the viral video- “I felt the need and excitement and hence I want to see all my men naked.” And this video was clearly Captured by his friend Stephen.

The camera shifted to Stephen where he said “Me too.” Stephen too was seen capturing the camera for Madison Cawthon’s Crotch.

His comment on Twitter on his viral video was- “Many of my associates are far off from Politics and they grew up with cell phone in their hands.”

Is Madison Cawthorn gay? Check out in this Video

If you want to check the video-

Step 1- Copy the link

Step 2- Paste it on your browser to watch.   

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