Who is Keith Randulich? Sabrina Clement Stabbing Case

Keith Randulich, Sabrina Clement’s brother, was charged with her murder in 2009. After three years, he was sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Keith Randulich’s sister was four years old, staying in Mokena, Illinois, located in Will Country. In May 2009, he assassinated her sister Sabrina Clement by her private brother.

As per the latest information, Keith Randulich has surrendered, but any information about her sister’s death has not been revealed yet.

Let us know more about Keith Randulich and his half-sister Sabrina Clement

Keith Randulich was an 18-years old teenager who was a topper in school. On one night on May 22, 2009, her father, mother, and their 14-year-old sibling had left the house to pick up school lunch. Meanwhile, Sabrina Clement, her two brothers, and Keith were left alone in the house.

Their 16-year-old brother was upstairs enjoying their online Wrestling game. Sabrina was then transported to the house’s basement, where she was murdered brutally by her brother Randulich.

When asked, he did not feel sorry for cutting his sister’s half-throat while his sister was screaming, asking why is her brother killing her?

About the Murder

Sabrina had very few stab wounds around her neck, as per Police officials. When asked by the Police officials, he confessed and confirmed that “He killed his sister with a steak knife.” There were many dreadful things discovered in the basement by the detectives. Some of them were horror films, death metal music, and clown masks made of rubber.

Keith Randulich’s current place?

Brother of Sabrina Clement, Keith Randulich, was sentenced to 40 years in prison on account of killing her 4-years old sister in 2011. Will County State’s Attorney James Glasgow made the news public.

Prosecutors asked Circuit Judge Amy Bertani-Tomczak to sentence this youngster to life imprisonment. If not, his case should be increased to a sentence of 60 to 100 years in prison. This was said so because the prosecutors did not want the criminal to walk around in public any time sooner.

It was highly shocking for the people of Will County to acknowledge the fact that someone killed their 4-years old little sister brutally.


On April 14, 2011, Randulich was finally imprisoned and was sentenced to 40 years imprisonment. When he was 19 years old, he pleaded guilty and said that he would be around 58 when his imprisonment would end, and he would be set free.

His Confession- “He said that Sabrina was smiling as he was taking the knife and when he made a small cut Sabrina screamed out of pain. Also, she was screaming and fighting for life, but then he was sorry and was bound to do that.”

About Keith Randulich’s parents

It is known that Keith Randulich is from Mokena, Illinois, United States, and his parents haven’t revealed their identity in front of the media, so any information related to their parents is unknown.

Sabrina’s father and mother were astonished and went numb to know the incident of their daughter’s death by his sibling.