Le Explota Granada En La Mano Venezuela

The video of a boy went viral when a grenade explodes in his hand. The video is viral as ‘Le Explota Granada En La Mano Venezuela’.

What is Le Explota Granada En La Mano Venezuela Controversy?

A video circulates through social networks accompanied by an audio that warns that a young man was injured when trying to launch an explosive device against one of the tunnels located on the road that leads from Bucaramanga to Barrancabermeja.

However, the Mayor’s Office of Barrancabermeja assured that the video does not correspond to any of the Isagen tunnels and affirmed that no report of a similar event has been received.

The same content has been shared on different social networks, but with different versions, such as the one that ensures that everything happened in a tunnel on the Buenaventura and Cali roads. It’s not true either.

This incident would have possibly happened in the La Planicie tunnel in Caracas, Venezuela. There is no official information about it, so it is unknown when the images were captured, as well as the identity and health status of the person involved.

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