Know about Brodie Kane and her dance partner Enrique Johns who mesmerised their audience with their Waltz

Enrique Johns is a financial advisor who had a hidden passion about dancing since childhood. He got his partner Brodie Kane as his dancing partner. They both hit the dance floor with a fun foxtrot in a drop-dead gorgeous gown.

The gown was a perfect match to their personality and flaunted them on stage. As per reports on NZherhald, Brodie and Enrique scored the second-lowest out of 40.

The reality show Dancing with the star NZ is back after a three-year hiatus. Nine of the celebrities vied for the mirror ball trophy.

Brodie Kane and her dance partner Enrique Johns

Who is Dancer Enrique Johns on Dancing with the Stars NZ?

Enrique Johns, is a professional Latin Dancer and teacher on Dancing wit the Stars NZ, is not available on Wikipedia.

His Instagram accounts says he is a two times finalist in Dancing with the Stars and Ackei Salsa World Champion.

He is a resident of Auckland, New Zealand and as per his LinkedIn account besides being a dancer he is a professional financial advisor too. He is a financial advisor at Aurora Insurance. The professional dancer is a huge talent excelling in dancing and business management too.

The reports suggest, Enrique worked as a sales consultant at City Nissan from January 2012 to March 2014. While he was working in Nissan, he assisted his clients and followed with preparation of vehicles and all other logistics involved.

Now, he is on the TV show Dancing with the Stars with Shacaughn Ruakere.

About Enrique John’s dancing partner Brodie Kane

Enrique John’s dancing partner Brodie Kane is also an award winner journalist who worked for 15 years in radio.

She is also an Auckland resident and currently she is working on numerous projects that includes Three Gals One Beehive, The Girls Uninterrupted, and Out the Gayte.

She was also the co-host of the superhit show named, The Hits Breakfast Show which she hosted along with Dave Fitzgerald in Christchurch. Also, her work was broadcasted that included Q&A, Seven Sharp, Fair, Puma’s The Fearless Podcast, Girls Uninterrupted and Kiwi Yarns.

As per reports about Brodie Kane Media, Brodie has an extensive background in radio and television. She loves talking to people an engaging with them all around the New Zealand.

Age gap between Enrique Johns and Brodie Kane?

It is Enrique Johns who looks younger than Brodie Kane on the show, Dancing wit the Stars. But when it comes to stage sharing both took it to stars, mohawks, and sparkles. Their energy is a power-packed performance, filled with fun, and finishing off with a bang. The dancing duo are always busy bringing new dance forms to the stage.

What do you think, is it this dancing duo who will win the show? As their score card says, their score board is not that bad and recently they were the one who scored second-lowest in the score.

Still, both the partners are giving their 100% to win the show.