Did Mona Kizz attempt Suicide because of Dubai porta potty video?

Was Mona Kizz Attempted suicide because of the Dubai Porta Potty Viral Video? Karungi Monica jumped from the Al Fahad Hotel in Dubai this Sunday to kill herself. As per reports, it is likely for her to attempt suicide because of the Dubai Porta Potty Incident. It has been claimed that she was the lady who was viral for the Dubai Porta Potty incident. Monica aka the famous social media influencer jumped off from a high skyscraper and is no more. She attempted suicide to kill herself in Dubai.

The Ugandan community in Dubai is shocked and shaken by the death of the well-known model, Karungi Monic alias Mona Kizz. She is known to have a life of high reputation. Since her death, it has become a trending topic and the internet, later on, confirmed her death.

About Monia Kizz death video

Post Monica’s death her admirers are deeply saddened and they eagerly want to know more about the incident in Dubai that took away her life. Come, let’s find out more about her.

Who was Karungi Monic?

Karungi Monic is famously known as Mona Kizz. She is a well-known Ugandan Instagram Star and is known to be one of the most influential and best models on the continent. She was born in the summer of 1998. She was only 23 years old when she died. She was a frequent user of Instagram and her Instagram handle is @mona.kizz.52.

She was a great human being who was constantly wanting to make others happy and smile. She was a very different person and she always used to participate in all sorts of daring things, and people are gossiping about her on the internet.

Her social media account says everything about her and that she had a variety of businesses and has also worked with them. Her Instagram bio says that she used to operate a community too. On her Instagram page, she used to post numerous videos about her daily life and activity.


Cause of death of Karungi Monic?

As per reports, Karungi Monic aka Mona Kizz died by attempting suicide when she was residing in Al Fahad hotel in Dubai and enjoying a vacation. Reports are also emerging that she died as she was suffering from depression.

As the media heard about Mona Kizz’s death, the curiosity started emerging to know if she was at the Dubai Porta Potty. Now it is unknown whether she was used in the Dubai Porta Potty or not.

Few people might not be ignorant of the practice, that is believed to happen in exchange for money or presents by influencers and other young females. As per reports, the ladies who were involved in the practice allowed them to evacuate on them in return for getting bags, shoes, and various kinds of stuff.

Many users believed that Mona Kizz was using the Dubai Porta Potty after seeing her Instagram posts. Not only the death of Mona Kizz, that left her admirers shattered into pieces but her fans have speculated that she was sad and striving high to put herself on a brave front. The reason for this is still unknown.

Mona Kizz aka Karungi Monic viral video

As per reports, the 23 old model jumped off from the Al Fahad hotel’s 7th storey. She was last seen hanging from a high-rise window and felt extremely ill. Most of her friends were extremely worried despite the fact that she was a great soul.

Check out the video where she took the life taking step-

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