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Who murdered Ann Heron? Channel 5’s documentary reveals the mystery

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Coming with the Title ‘The Mysterious Murder of Ann Heron’, the documentary will be broadcasted on Channel 5 on 3rd May at 10 pm and that will feature evidence, interviews, and accounts about one of the UK’s most unsolved mysterious unsolved crimes on who murdered Ann Heron?.

It was August 3rd 1990; part-time care assistant Ann Herron was murdered at her home in Darlington by an unidentified killer. This was the day, the mystery remained unsolved that who murdered Ann Heron? And many people came up with theories about how did she die.

Who murdered Ann Heron?

In the documentary, Channel 5 have confirmed that they will have interviews with Ann’s widower, Peter Heron, who was charged with her murder in 2005, but the case was dropped as there were not enough evidence.

Describing Who murdered Ann Heron

While describing “The Mysterious Murder of Ann Heron”, the show says that: “The shocking story behind one of the UK’s moat mysterious unsolved crimes, as Peter Heron himself gives his version of the events that surrounds his wife Ann’s death in 1990.”

“As the documentary unfolds the events of August 1990 in details, new potential evidence comes into light, and questions are asked if the police missed a vital clue and chillingly, whether the real killer of Ann Heron escaped justice?”

Durham Police on who murdered Ann Heron?  

As the screening of the programme proceeded, Durham Police came with a statement about stepping out their desire to convict someone for the Darlington woman’s murder and were keeping an “Open mind” about the investigation.

A Durham Constabulary spokesman revealed- “The Murder of Ann Heron has been thoroughly investigated and subject to constant review over the last 32 years, that includes the use of new investigative techniques with the advancement of forensic technology.”

“It is still the ambition of Durham Constabulary to convict the person responsible for Ann’s murder.”

“At this time there is no new evidence that identifies new suspects, but we remain open-minded and committed.”

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