Kennedy Cymone Mother Died : Know about Shelly Harrington Sanders Obituary

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Shelly Harrington Sanders handed away, and she left behind her YouTuber daughter Kennedy Cymone, and her family behind.

Kennedy Cymone a well-known YouTuber, not too way back paid tributed her mother, Shelly Harrington, on her social media account. Kennedy Cymone Mother Died. That publication made her fan followers emotional as she draws emotional attention to her mom.

People preferred the YouTube’s comedy content material and prank materials that have always helped her viewer’s mod to lighten up. No doubt she is one of the many social media celebrities who rose to fame in a short span along with her versatile uploads.

Let us know some additional information about her.

Kennedy Cymone Mother Died- What happen to her?

It was Kennedy Cymone’s beloved mother, Shelly Harrington, who left the world on 25th April 2022 in Concord, North Carolina. She was a great support to her children and the actress was like a pal to their kids.

Shelly Cymone’s daughter is a YouTube star and it is not a long time back that her daughter paid tribute to her and she took to her Instagram mourning on her Instagram- “My best buddy, my confidant, my role model, my personal chef who shares all her recipes, really my everything…”

She too added- “I find myself looking at your pictures all day long, and every day… just reminiscing at how beautiful you were both inside and out.”

When Kennedy Cymone Mother Died?

Kennedy Cymone’s mother, Shelly Harrington Sanders, died in an incident that happened in Burglary. She lost her life after getting shot and severely injured.   

Shelly took her last breath inside the Artium Health- Cabarrus in North Carolina. She will always stay in her close one’s heart irrespective of the fact that she is no more in this world.

She is loved and preferred by all for having a charismatic attire whose priority has always been their kids.

Let’s know about Shelly Harrington Sander’s family

Shelly Harrington was married for a long term alongside her husband, Charles E. Sanders. The couple welcomes two children and named them Kennedy Knight and Korbin Sanders.

Her family was shattered after knowing about her sudden death and now they are mourning their favorite member, who was their support system all the time.

Shelly Harrington’s Career and Age

Shelly Harrington’s Age when she passed away was 50-years old and her tragic death happened at this age. She was the daughter of Barbara and Charles and they welcomed their child on 29th January 1972.

She completed her education at High Point University where she started her occupation. As Shelly was building up her career there she met her future husband and eventually got married.  

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