Madison cawthorn video reddit: Watch NSFW Viral Video

Embattled Republican Rep. Madison cawthorn responded Wednesday about the video tape that was leaked on the social media and circulated like fire about thrusting his pelvis at a man’s head and he was completely n*ked.

The publisher of the video is American Muckrakers PAC, a political group that runs the Fire Madison Cawthorn website, which is ahead of North Carolina’s May 17 primary.

No sooner Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit got viral Twitter as per WRAL.

David B. Wheeler, the president of the PAC, said in a statement that the video was passed to us by a former supporter of ‘Cawthorn but they are not willing to reveal the name.

What’s there in Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit?

The video shows Cawthorn, 26, screaming and chanting as he began to thrust against an unknown man’s face. It was a third person who took the video and that the third person presumably taking the video. The background music is heard where people are laughing and telling Cawthorn to ‘stick it in his face.’

Now the Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit is viral and has views of 66,567+ on Twitter.

Madison Cawthorn Video Reddit tweets

‘A new hit against me dropped’, he tweeted on Wednesday night, as he was explaining- ‘Years ago, in this video, I was being crass with a friend’, where I was trying to be funny.

‘We just acted foolish and joking’ he added.

‘I am NOT backing down,’ he continued adding: ‘I told you there would be a drip, drip campaign.’

‘Blackmail won’t win,’ Tweeted Cawthorn. ‘We Will.’

Current state of Cawthorn

Right now, Cawthorn is facing lots of unusual crowded GOP primary for an incumbent Congressman, after facing several scandals.

Last month, several photos showed Cawthorn dressed in women’s lingerie, chugging wine and groped by women.

The photos went viral and was obtained by Politico Show Cawthorn, as he looked vacant in his eyes, wore women’s hoop earnings and a women’s necklace along with a bra and a lingerie set.

Screenshot of the photos were showed and leaked by someone who used to be close to cawthorn and his campaign. A second former confidante of Cawthorn verified the photos.

If you want to check out the video follow the steps-

Step 1- Copy the link:

Step 2- Paste it on your browser and press enter