Arlana Miller Southern University Dies tragically

The article speaks about arlana miller southern university die? And about her suicide note. Let us know more about this.

Are you curious to know about Arlana Miller? Are you curious to know about the reason for her death? So, the article says everything about it.

Who is Arlana Miller?

Arlana Miller is a native of United States, and her untimely demise has left her friends and family members in shock. People are really curious to know about arlana miller southern university death?   

However, she left a long post on Instagram which is apparently her suicide note.

How Arlana miller southern university died?

Arlana Janell Miller graduated from Southern University and Texas A&M University. She was dwelling on Baton Rouge. People’s assumption about the cause of her death is suicide as she left a long suicide note before the tragedy happened.

But the information is not official or verified. But no one is very much sure about her exact cause of death. Local press sources and social media posts shows it as a suicide still. The reason of her death is still not known. Arlana miller southern university friends are mourning.

arlana miller southern university

Want to know more about Arlana Miller?

Arlana Miller also known as Lanaawana. It was on Facebook where Dria Derricho announced her death. A Louisiana scholar has left the world so unannounced which left everyone in shock.

Arlana miller suicide southern university cheerleader death was extremely shocking as people are regretting for not being able to hold the incident happening. Though she left a Instagram suicidal note.

Her death reason is still not known and Arlana miller southern university friends are still in shock but mourning to her death.

Some information about Arlana miller southern university death

The exact reason of Arlana Miller is not known and neither confirmed yet.  Her suicidal note states that she has been struggling alone a lot. Although people surrounding her thought she was alright but in reality, she was not.     

She was struggling alone with her thoughts. So, she advised people to express their feelings to others. Also, she thanked her mother for trying her to make happy. Also, Arlana stated that she has written many notes in her life.

Arlana miller southern university suicide note

She lost her connection to God, and the devil won and hence for this reason she does not want to blame anyone. Throughout her life she tried to impress everyone around her. She was sorry for everyone who was close to her and that she put them down or have hurt people knowing or unknowingly.

Her suicide not was extremely heart-wrenching that bought tears to everyone’s eyes. Incidents like this are extremely unfortunate. There are millions of people who are struggling secretly. So, one must be kind to everyone.